Why work at SuperCamp?

Being a part of SuperCamp is unlike anything else. Between the atmosphere, the people you work with, and the energy, you're sure to walk away with a life-changing experience. SuperCamp allows you to obtain a better understanding of who you are, and where you want to be. This is an opportunity to have lasting impacts on the lives of others. We invite you to be a part of something truly great. Welcome to SuperCamp.

Logistics Administrator Position

Know It By Heart 2017!

See some of the best photos from our amazing training in Oceanside, CA. Thanks to everyone who made it all possible!

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Available Positions

We offer 9 different opportunities to be a part of our SuperCamp family. Take some time to check out each position and find what speaks to you!

Site Administrator

Responsible for the overall administrative and customer service success of SuperCamp. Serve as a liaison between QLN and the university.

Site Counselor

Responsible for coaching both campers and staff on how to best handle demanding situations. Oversee camp documentation.

Lead Facilitator

Brings mastery of facilitation, depth of knowledge of the curriculum, systems thinking, and leadership skills to create the culture of camp.


Instruct Quantum Learning and Life Skills curriculum to the large group, as well as lead academic course-rooms.

Logistics Coordinator

Ensure that all logistical systems are in place and maintain a professional, impeccable, well-organized environment at camp.

Office Coordinator

Responsible for many of the clerical functions of camp that support parents, other staff, and correspondence with QLN.

Wellness Person

Have a solid understanding of First Aid/CPR procedures, document medical incidents, and maintain clear communication with staff and parents.

Senior Team Leader

Encourages consistency among the other Team Leaders and acts as a leadership mentor for returning campers.

Team Leader

(AKA Camp Counselor)

Catalyst for team building and personal growth, all while encouraging camp spirit.

Dates and Locations

Since 1982 we've hosted amazing camps across the United States at leading universities. We also work with international partners to bring the SuperCamp experience to teens around the world. More than 75,000 students have participated...and counting!

Stanford University

June 29 - July 8

Senior Forum

Stanford University

June 29 - July 8

Senior Forum

July 11 - July 16

Junior Forum

July 19 - July 28

Senior Forum

July 31 - August 5

Senior Forum

Cal State San Marcos

July 6 - July 15

Senior Forum

July 8 - July 23

Quantum Academy

July 25 - July 30

Junior Forum

Villanova University

July 13 - July 22

Senior Forum

July 24 - July 19

Junior Forum

Stanford University

July 31 - August 5

Senior Forum

August 8 - 17

Senior Forum

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(800) 285-3276 x140

What's New 2017

From new programs to pay scales, we've made some additions and updates going into 2017. Take a look and get acquainted!

Quantum Academy

We are offering a new program called Quantum Academy. This program includes curriculum from both Quantum University and Leadership Forum, while integrating new curriculum which has been designed for incoming high school seniors and first and second year college students.

10 and 6 Day Programs

There will be both 10-Day and 6-Day programs available for Senior Forum. Junior Forum will now be a 6-Day program.

Academic Advisory

Thank you to the Academic Advisory - Ben Balkwill, Karen Borbolla, Patti Brucki, Jeff Miller, Richard Reyes, Bobbi DePorter, Megan Kennedy, and Charles Smith - for all of the support in making the program updates!


We will cover all curriculum distinctions at Know It By Heart on March 29th - April 2nd.

Stateside - 3 Sites

We will have SuperCamp programs at the following 3 sites this year -- Stanford University, California State University San Marcos, and Villanova University.


We will have many opportunities to work at international SuperCamp sites including: Bali, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, and more!

4 FACs to 5 FACs

We are introducing a 5 FAC model*. All Facilitators will continue to hold the same responsibilities as they have in previous years, with the 5th Facilitator also serving as the primary TL Coordinator.

*5 FAC Model applies to stateside sites only.

2 TLs to 3 TLs

We are also introducing a 3 TL model*. Each group of 3 TLs will have approximately 20 campers on their team. All TLs will have a new daily schedule.

*3 TL Model applies to stateside sites only.

New Pay Structure

We have a brand new pay structure! All Senior Team Leaders, Team Leaders, Wellness Persons, Office Coordinators, and Logistics Coordinators are now paid an hourly wage. Facilitators and Site Counselors are considered professional exempt employees, while Site Administrators are considered administrative exempt employees. These positions will continue to be paid a weekly salary.

Know It By Heart

We are having a Know It By Heart for Facilitators this spring to cover all of the new distinctions for the summer.

Facilitators: Mark Your Calendars!

Wednesday, March 29th - Sunday, April 2nd

Virtual Training

All other positions, including leadership positions, will receive online virtual training.

Leaders In Training (required for Decision Team Members)

Mark Your Calendars!

Saturday, March 11th – Virtual Kick-Off for LIT

Mid-March to Mid-May (dates TBD) – Role Specific Trainings for D-Team members

Saturday, May 20th – Review and Final Preparation for LIT

*All start and end times for LIT are TBD


We are using CampMinder, a secure, user-friendly, customizable web-based Summer camp management platform for both staff and campers this year!

New Staff Website

We have moved the staff website from www.supercampstaff.com to www.supercamp.com/staff. It has a completely new look and feel, and we hope you love it just as much as we do!

Special thanks to Alex Lee for all the hard work.

Contact Information

Have any questions? Wondering about who to go to or how to reach them? Look no further!

HR Specialist

(800) 285-3276 x140 mkennedy@QLN.com

HR Specialist

(800) 285-3276 x139 alee@QLN.com

Curriculum Developer

(800) 285-3276 x129 csmith@QLN.com

Customer Service

(800) 228-5327 Option 1 @