Our graduates, where are they now

Where are they now? “Memory strategies lead to near perfect score—and more!”

SuperCamp Success Story #4: Grant. Grant took the SAT prior to learning memory strategies (known as mnemonics) at SuperCamp, and then again afterward. At SuperCamp he realized the power of these strategies and later applied them to learning a book of 2,500 vocabulary words. He did this in just two days before retaking the SAT. The […]

Where are they now? “New perspectives and knowledge”

SuperCamp Success Story #3: Austin When Austin came to SuperCamp he felt he was doing fine in school. He had friends and an active social life. He had goals and wanted to be on his high school’s varsity golf team. If anyone asked him what he would change about his life, he would have responded […]

Where are they now? “Building confidence to be oneself”

SuperCamp Success Story #2: Duncan Duncan grew up according to the traditions and culture of his Chinese family. They were the same values taught at his conventional Chinese school in Hong Kong and everywhere else. Those values taught that the best way for a person to exist in a culture is conformity. Don’t stick out […]

Where are they now? “Getting back on track”

SuperCamp Success Story #1: Charles Charles’s mother, Regina, never expected to raise him completely alone. She had been divorced for a while, but her ex-husband still played a strong role in Charles’s life. There were struggles, but life was solid. That was before the three military men showed up at her door. They told her […]