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Hosted at prestigious campuses in the U.S., SuperCamp has set out to instill leadership and life skills to youth for more than 30 years through programs including:

Junior Forum

This program provides a foundation for students to become more independent, self motivated and confident learners. Junior forum is designed for middle school students (grade 6-8) and has impacted children to be more invested students at school and thriving children at home.

Senior Forum

The Senior Forum program, for high school students (grade 9-12) is designed to help participants implement and begin their own transformational experience towards leadership. In this program, participants begin setting goals and understand the pathways they can take to achieve their goals.

Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum (LeFo) is designed for returned graduates of SuperCamp who are in high school (grade 10-12) and have gained the foundational skills from junior or senior forums. At LeFo students get the chance to implement and elevate their gained skills through practice. Participants will discover their own leadership styles, and practice as leaders in their day to day activities.

Quantum Academy

Quantum Academy (QA) is designed for high school students, pre-college and college freshman who are interested in a successful transition after high school, into college life and on to adulthood. At QA, participants develop their personal growth plan, action steps and support systems for success. Participants will learn to navigate time management, create positive and productive life habits that support personal and academic growth.

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