The #1 Teen Summer Residential Camp to Increase Grades, Confidence and Motivation

What is SuperCamp


SuperCamp is a highly engaging 7- to 10-day experience using Quantum Learning methods, where students from all over the world live on a prestigious university campus and learn how to learn.  Students look at their values and how they’re leading their lives while discovering deeper levels of who they are and what they stand for.

Our Difference


The fundamental difference involves how we help facilitate lasting changes in a student’s attitude toward school and self-motivation. At SuperCamp, students learn lifelong learning skills they can apply to any subject, skills that build competence and confidence and serve as a roadmap to academic success.

Junior Forum – 7 Days

Entering Grades 6-8


Junior Forum lays the foundation to prepare your middle school student for success. Students discover their individual learning styles, develop skills for managing a heavier academic schedule, and learn how to deal with increased social pressure. They start to realize that they are in charge of their learning, and understand how their brain processes information.

Senior Forum – 7-10 Days

Entering Grades 9-12


Senior Forum prepares your student for success by teaching them how to apply critical thinking to everything they do. Students gain valuable leadership experience as they explore ways to take ownership of their actions, motivate themselves and commit to their goals. Teens learn what is important to them, why they learn the way they do, and how to apply a variety of strategies.

Quantum Academy – 7 Days

Grades 12 – College


Quantum Academy is designed to immerse high school seniors and new and returning college students in activities that open their eyes to what they need to succeed in college and beyond. In building habits for success students participate in team activities, workshops, dialogue, and personal reflection, and gain awareness and strategies on how to successfully navigate their college years and build a solid foundation for their career and life beyond the campus.

What Makes SuperCamp #1 for Teens


Whether in middle, high school, or college, SuperCamp has a program that provides teens the tools to take on new challenges with more self-confidence. From time management, to learning skills, to self-confidence, and reputation/social media management, SuperCamp empowers teens to make better choices, get better grades and have better relationships.