Quantum Learning Mentor Program


Grades: 6-12 
Ages: 11 – 18
Duration: 2 weeks
Sessions: 10 one-hour sessions
Location:Live remote connection with mentor
2-week program
10 one-hour live
Mentor Sessions



participants ages 11-20. Our tailored approach serves participants in grades 6 through college.


SuperCamp and Quantum Learning Education. Since 1982, SuperCamp’s foundation has been the Quantum Learning methodology. The success of Quantum Learning is based on integrating research-based educational best practices into a unified whole resulting in increased grades, confidence, and motivation.

Join us now to eliminate frustration and connect with others.

Learning Profile

Individual Learning Profile

Take the Individual Learning Profile assessment. Discover your learning preferences and strengths. Insight from the Individual Learning Profile provides tailored learning strategies and tools to eliminate e-learning frustration.


Daily Live Mentor

Based on your Individual Learning Profile, age, and time zone, you’ll be matched with your daily live QL Mentor. Through the mentorship, you’ll gain confidence in defining and pursuing your next steps.

Authentic Connections

Authentic Connections

Facilitated by one of our QL mentors, experience virtual collaboration with other participants of similar age and Learning Profile. Build an online support structure, form authentic connections and strengthen one another’s skill sets.