Keep an eye on your email for correspondence from our team. We will be in touch as soon as we have reviewed your application. Please note that the high volume of applications limits our ability to review applications right as they are submitted. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Go here and sign in with your username and password. Click on “Staff Application” and make sure it’s complete. We’re unable to review applications until they’re completed in their entirety.

SuperCamp Team Leaders are the catalyst for team building and personal growth at SuperCamp. Team Leaders must be at least 20 years of age with one complete academic year at a college or university. You can view more information on the team leader position here.

References can be from anyone other than family members. Past or current employers, co-workers, and professors are great resources for references. Facilitators, your references must include one student, one peer, and one supervisor, for a total of three recommendations.

Once we have your application we will send emails throughout your application process to let you know your status and next steps.

Your application information (contract, pay, etc.) is only discussed with you. We would like to build a connection with you prior to your arrival at site and request that you call personally with any questions or concerns you may have. Please let any other parties know that you will be handling your employment so they are not surprised when we inform them we can not disclose your information.

If your application is accepted for an interview, information about pay and benefits will be discussed therein.

We get hundreds of applicants each year and have only a limited number of positions available. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! All applicants are encouraged to reapply in the future.

You can call our HR Specialist, Megan at our main office at (800) 285-3276 ext. 140


Paperfun is our fun word for paperwork (W-4, I-9, Physical Exam, etc.). These are federal, state, and SuperCamp mandated forms that we must collect in order for you to work.

The due date for all Paperfun will be outlined in your contract and/or specified by your hiring manager. If you are having issues meeting the deadline please email [email protected]and let us know why. If we do not receive your Paperfun by the specified date and we have not heard from you, your contract could be cancelled and your position may be filled by a different candidate. We will however contact you first to provide notice of your new employment status.

The HR Operations Department will make every effort to ensure that staff members are placed at their desired sites, however it cannot be guaranteed. Our goal with placement is to create well balanced teams with a variety of experience levels in order to create a successful experience for all staff. To do this, we maintain a proactive approach that sets both sides up with a reasonable timeline to get you materials, training, and adequate time to prepare. Three factors that affect placement are as follows:

1. Flexibility with your Availability – more availability for longer periods of time that align with the calendar. This allows us to run several scenarios for your placement. Although we would like to work with your interest in mind as well, submitting your availability for only the sites you are interested may limit your placement options.

2. Level of Experience – this refers to the number of camps you have worked with consistent growth and feedback on your evaluations. This allows us to place staff with a variety of skill level with you at site. Think coaching and mentorship, levels of ability and experience in your position, and who your position interacts with.

3. Knowledge of our Curriculum (Facilitators and Senior Team Leaders) – your familiarity and level of depth of knowledge both in main room and academic curriculum, preparation history (do you know our material in a timely manner) determines if we can give you new curriculum, or have different levels of mastery at one site collaborating.


All roles will receive an instructional manual to support them in their role prior to arriving at camp. Team Leaders (aka Camp Counselors) will participate in three days of staff training prior to the arrival of campers. This on-site training will answer many of the questions that exist for new staff members. All other roles (sans Team Leaders) will participate in conference calls in conjunction with their manual. Site Counselors, Site Administrators, Lead Facilitators, and Facilitators will all attend in-person trainings at QLNs headquarters in addition to receiving their manual and participating in conference calls. Please see the role specific page for more information.

We have pre-designated Facebook groups set-up for our site teams to get to know each other. Jump online and go to our Staff Facebook Page.

SuperCamp provides two vehicles for the transportation of staff and campers during camp. You will not need a car, but staff members are welcome to bring vehicles to their SuperCamp site. However, please bear in mind that you will be required to purchase a parking permit for the vehicle. Prices for these permits vary depending on the campus. Quantum Learning Network is not responsible for any parking fines received by staff members. Staff members who choose to bring their vehicles are not permitted to use them for SuperCamp purposes, including transporting campers. Staff members who drive with another staff member in their own vehicle do so at their own risk.

Pursuant to the written agreements signed by SuperCamp and staff members, SuperCamp will provide you with room and meals throughout your contracted dates. Staff and campers stay in the university dorms in order to supervise campers in the evenings.

Go to Locations and Dates Click on the “Calendar” option Choose the site you are working Click “Google Map”.

Part of your Paperfun will be an electronic Welcome Packet, which will include a packing list for summer. Start gathering modest and comfortable clothing options now, including closed toe shoes. Not all universities have laundry facilities adjacent to the dorms.


While every day at camp is completely unique, staff members can expect to wake up around 6:30am to be ready to get campers up and moving at 7:00am. From there, the day could go in many different directions, but will always include three meals, afternoon activity time, team bonding, life skills, lots of moving, and lots of learning.

SuperCamp is a place where campers learn self-confidence, how the brain works and life skills. Kids who come to SuperCamp are from a variety of backgrounds, including those who do well in school, those who are struggling, some who are incredibly confident, some who are working to gain more confidence, those who have tons of friends, and those who are hoping to be more sociable.

We understand emergency situations do arise, and eligibility for future reemployment will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Staff who are unable to fulfill their full contract will have their pay prorated based on the time worked. Any costs associated with departing site prior to contract completion are the responsibility of the employee.

Yes, a staff member will be at the airport to take you to site. There is a list of approved airport codes in the travel portion of your Paperfun. Make sure you fill in your online travel itinerary in your Paperfun so we know when you will be there.


To be considered for international programs we look for a history of distinguished evaluations and prefer at least two years of stateside SuperCamp experience. Check out this webpage for more info. All applicants interested in working our international camps must possess a valid passport that does not expire for at least 12 months from the start of the program.

International programs and dates are subject to change or cancellation at any time. QLN will cover travel expenses (including visas and airport transfers), lodging and three meals daily during contracted dates. Staff members are responsible for expenses for any additional recreational activities outside of normal camp schedule, including; food, drink, or snacks other than those provided by the partner; and any charges resulting from travel plans outside of contracted dates. QLN staff will make best efforts to accommodate flight preferences, dietary needs, and other reasonable requests, yet as with all international programs, certain factors are outside QLN control – staff are asked to use patience, flexibility, and courtesy in all interactions with QLN staff, our international partners, and their representatives.