Quantum Academy – College Summer Camps


Grades: 12 plus incoming and current college students
Duration: 6 Days, 5 Nights
Location: Southwestern University

Quantum Academy is designed to immerse high school seniors and new and returning college students in activities that open their eyes to what they need to succeed in college and to ready themselves for life beyond college. A prime focus of this program is the development by students of a personal growth plan and clearly defined action steps. In building habits for success, students participate in team activities, workshops, dialogue, and personal reflection.

Our key areas of focus are the following:

Learning Techniques

Academic Confidence

Students gain brain-friendly study strategies that will guide their success in college. Through Quantum Writing students will distinguish between how to work with academic writing and carry the skills over to professional writing for resumes, cover letters, and interview writing samples. Quantum Reading will explore how to improve reading speed and comprehension to support the high academic load that comes in the college environment. These skills and strategies support students in high school, college, and the professional work environment.


Personal Success

Personal insights are the norm at SuperCamp and are emphasized at Quantum Academy. We help students build self-confidence and motivation and teach them the value of strong relationships. Through roundtable discussions and guest speakers students learn about time management, the decision-making process, personal finances, and navigating changes that come with graduating high school and moving into the world. We inspire students to value themselves and to believe in their ability to excel in all areas of their lives.



Forbes magazine states that the top three traits that employers seek in job candidates are the ability to work with a team, the ability to make decisions and solve problems, and the attributes of a positive and impactful leader. Quantum Academy develops these traits through focus on creative thinking, goal-setting, problem-solving, team building, and collaboration. Returning Quantum Academy participants can join the Mentor Track, which enables campers to mentor others while honing their personal leadership style.

Self Empowerment


Breaking through self-imposed personal fears and limitations is a vital learning and growth experience for students. Topics include risk-taking, trust, and setting goals that reflect personal values and beliefs. Students participate in a powerful barrier-breaking activity that produces strong feelings that they are capable of overcoming obstacles and doing anything they set their mind to.

Character Development

Character Development

The 8 Keys of Excellence are integrated into all aspects of the Quantum Academy program. These Keys teach students to match their behavior with their values, learn from their mistakes, speak honestly and kindly, make the most of every moment, make their dreams happen, take responsibility for their actions, be flexible, and live their best life. When students embrace these principles, they are inspired to strive for personal excellence. We progress through this process with self-assessment activities, visualization of best self, and designing optimal personal and professional goals.



We believe that learning must be fun to be effective. At Quantum Academy we utilize research-based educational practices to create a joyful and engaging learning environment. We include music, fun activities, entertaining skits, and energetic games—students participate in their learning at Quantum Academy, they don’t just observe! We know that when learning is meaningful, memorable, and joyful, students learn, grow, and excel.


As you read these overviews of each day at Quantum Academy, note that our academic lessons and other learning activities are designed to engage students, build their curiosity, and gain their active participation. Music and movement help make learning a joyful and memorable experience.
On opening day students are either met at the airport by our staff or are brought to registration by their parents. After registration students and parents say goodbye as the students begin activities that get them interacting with other campers and staff. Music soon fills the room as team leaders facilitate “get to know you” activities. Students get an overview of the week ahead and participate in a team-building activity. Before dinner students are introduced to the 8 Keys of Excellence, the guiding principles at the core of SuperCamp, and explore the Key of Balance—about making choices that enable us to live our best life. In the evening students participate in activities designed to challenge them to discover their values and what’s meaningful and important in their lives. Students identify their “driving force” and explore what is possible in their lives if they commit to what is meaningful to them and truly work toward their best self.
This morning students learn skills that can help them to be more present and resourceful while navigating the worlds of college and career. They begin creating their personal growth plan and learn the steps necessary when developing a successful and enriched life. Students begin to learn today about how their brain works in the learning process and how to utilize this knowledge in the classroom. After lunch we explore the Key of Ownership and the concept of “living above the line,” helping students learn the importance of taking responsibility for their words and actions. Then they get a chance to explore how to “Thrive” (from Robert MacPhee) and the power that their beliefs have in achieving long-lasting results. The day ends with an experience that allows the students to focus on their future and take their next powerful step to break through obstacles that have been holding them back.
In a maze activity this morning students learn first-hand about the Key of Failure Leads to Success and the concept that failure = feedback. Before lunch students learn a valuable process that will allow them to increase their reading speed and comprehension, an academic session that continues after lunch. Later, they attend their first college and career preparation roundtable and learn time management skills and smart decision-making that will benefit their physical and emotional health. After dinner we explore the Key of Speak with Good Purpose—about the power of words and speaking with honest and kind intentions—and the importance of maintaining positive relationships.
Students dive deep into their personal growth plan today and continue to learn the power of mentorship and how to choose and learn from appropriate mentors. Before lunch we look at strategies to improve focus as well as brain-friendly note-taking and review processes that will provide students with skills that they can directly implement in any subject and see improved academic results. Later, the second college and career roundtable discussion focuses on navigating the change that’s so prevalent at this stage of students’ lives. As we explore the Key of Flexibility, students learn about the value of being willing to consider a different approach when something isn’t working. In the evening session we consider the Key of Integrity and students reflect on their current actions and what connection they may or may not have with their values.
During the morning we explore the Key of This Is It, about making the most of every moment and keeping a positive attitude. This is a powerful jam-packed day where students finalize their personal growth plan. Before lunch they learn the Creative Discovery Process (a technique that helps them generate and refine ideas), and how it is applied in writing effectively. The last roundtable discussion this afternoon covers effective resume preparation, interviewing, and skills sought by employers. In the evening session, students participate in a powerful activity that challenges them mentally to see the value in letting go of fear and trusting that they have the power within themselves to accomplish what they set out to do.
This morning we look at the Key of Commitment and realize how vitally important it is in achieving goals, which is such a key element in our Quantum Academy curriculum. The students have been on a journey that has empowered them to learn and grow academically and personally. Today they present the personal growth plans they’ve worked on throughout the program, and make a commitment to their next steps. Parents are invited to experience the atmosphere of SuperCamp and join in the celebration of learning and growth.

A Typical Day at Quantum Academy

6:30 Optional run/walk

7:00 Wake up

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast

8:30 – 12:30 Morning session*

  • “Daily Download” review of previous day’s learning with teams
  • Greeting
  • Personal Growth Plan
  • Learning skills instruction and application to college and career

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch

1:30 – 3:00 Unstructured time

  • Time dedicated to individual and or team activities
  • Consideration of the use of “free” time in the college and career setting

3:00 – 5:30 Afternoon session* 

  • College and Career Preparation Roundtable
  • Guest Speaker / Panel

5:30 – 6:30 Dinner

6:30 – 8:30 Evening session*

  • Self-exploration and reflection
  • Life skills instruction

8:30 – 9:30 Closing session including some or all of the following:

  • Shares
  • Announcements
  • Social Time
  • Song
  • Nightly review

10:30 Lights out


* Music and fun learning activities permeate all sessions and breaks are regularly provided. Times and activities may vary.

Location Details


July 3 – 8

Grade 12 plus incoming and current college students

6 days


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Dorm Life
Dorm Life. Students share rooms in the university dormitories. Breakfast is at 7:30 AM and the day ends after a closing gathering. Lights out is at 10:30 PM. The student to staff ratio is at least four to one. Team leaders live in the same residence halls as their students, with males and females on separate floors or wings.
Safety. Since its first program in 1982, SuperCamp has provided a safe, secure environment for participants. Students remain on campus at all times. On day one, we assign them to teams of 16 to 20 campers with two team leaders. The nature of our team-building exercises guarantees that your student will immediately feel supported by the team leaders and will quickly form close bonds with other campers. We have a trained wellness person (many are registered nurses) at every program who supports the emotional and physical well-being of all students.
Dining. Students eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the university cafeteria.

Program FAQs – Quantum Academy

WHAT TYPE OF STUDENT ATTENDS Quantum Academy and what do they gain?

All students at Quantum Academy (QA) focus on their future and next steps for that future. Students range in age from those going into their senior year of high school to those currently attending college. Participants also include some who are taking a gap year and some who dropped out of college and plan to go back.

High school seniors focus on the steps for choosing a college and what it takes to get into the college of their choice. Those about to enter college focus on what to expect and successful habits to develop right at the start of their freshman year. Students already in college learn more about themselves and how to maximize their success in college. QA helps all participants focus on their interests and direction and gives them skills and strategies that support and motivate them to excel.


SuperCamp has a 35-year track record of creating a safe, secure environment for participants. It is our #1 priority. The nature of our team-building exercises guarantees that students will immediately feel supported by staff and will quickly form close bonds with other students. This supports students in fully participating and having the courage to explore and express themselves.


Students are assigned to teams, headed by a team leader. Among other responsibilities, team leaders supervise and support the students on their teams and live in the same residence halls. Male and female students and staff are housed on separate floors or wings.


In all our programs, we use Quantum Learning methods to create a safe, supportive, fun, and inspiring environment aligned with what we know from brain research. We build curiosity and a sense of belonging, we get inside our students’ world and build rapport, and we use strategies that reach all students and enhance their learning.

In a joyful interactive learning atmosphere, we teach students HOW to learn—skills and strategies that can be applied to any subject—building confidence and motivation. We help students understand the science behind how the brain processes information and identify how they learn best. We also guide students in building a positive sense of self and teach them the value of strong relationships. As we artfully orchestrate all of these elements, students experience mini-success moments that build confidence, create a shift in their attitude, and inspire and empower them to excel.