Are you still considering lacrosse camp, taking a summer job or just hanging out by the pool? Think again. We are here to remind you (in 13 different ways) that 7, 8 or 10 days of SuperCamp has and will again change your life!

1. Reinforce the tools & strategies that you learned at camp last summer


Remember last summer, when you doubled your reading speed? Why stop now? Steve Snyder, creator of our speed reading method, casually reads at 5000 WPM and sprints at 10,000 WPM with complete comprehension. Imagine the impact it could have on your life with reading speeds at half that pace! With increased reading speeds, NotesTM and POWER PEGS, you will study smarter, retain more information, and get better grades. Imagine all the time you’ll save, allowing YOU do to MORE of what YOU want. SO MANY ACTIVITIES!

so much room for activities

2. Try a new program.

Quantum Academy
College camp


2dWe know the secret to having all 3!

Quantum Academy: Let’s face it…college is going to be different. In 6 days, learn how to manage your time, energy, and finances. Explore Greek life and dorm living while mastering academic strategies that will help you to take brilliant notes and ACE those final exams. Go on…set the curve!

3. Continue adding to your academic portfolio.


You are aware that Senior Forum gets one high school credit, right? Colleges appreciate students that demonstrate commitment to their education. Not only is repetition the secret to sustained success, but we are always making updates and improvements to provide the most up-to-date and highly impactful Quantum Learning strategies!

4. College readiness


Not only will you fine-tune your study skills, boost your confidence and complete a rigorous ropes course, but you’ll be doing it all in a university setting. Live the life of a college student! Sleep in the dorms, eat fantastic cafeteria food (did someone say unlimited dessert?!) and familiarize yourself with what it’s like to roam a college campus.

5. Get on L-Track (leadership track)


We’re talking to you, Senior Forum. The world needs someone to step up, model excellence, and lead others to do the same. If you have ever felt the desire to lead, make this summer it! The world needs someone to step up, model excellence, and lead others to do the same. If you have ever felt the desire to lead, make this summer it! Leadership skills are a great addition to that college application (it’s never too early to start thinking about this) and after next summer, you’ll be eligible for LeFo!

6. Reunite with friends & make new ones

6a 6b

Eleanor Roosevelt once wisely stated that “many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Coordinate with friends from SuperCamps past and pick a new location! Or go back to your old stomping ground and you’ll feel right at home.

7. Travel the United States


East coasters, go west! West coasters, go east! Step outside of your comfort zone and into your learning zone – experience a different part of the country, and for some, a different part of the world! All of our SuperCamp locations offer the same great experience and staff, but each part of the country has its own unique sights, sounds, and look. It’s a great way to check out new college campuses and see what life is like in a new part of the country.

8. Have a deeper, more meaningful SuperCamp experience


Remember the moment when all of those strangers in the main room became some of your closest friends? Take advantage of a place where great people are all working harder on becoming even greater. Where else can you be around people encouraging each other to live their best life?! Now that you’ve been through the program, YOU GET IT. Imagine what new strategies and deeper connections you can focus on now that you are comfortable calling SuperCamp your home turf. This is it!

9. Fulfill the SuperCamp journey


Where are YOU on the SuperCamp journey?

10. Reflect on past goals and set new ones

Remember breaking those barriers last summer? How is your progression towards achieving that goal? Have you been working on it? Success is addicting. Once you realize that making a plan and committing your time and resources to achieving your goals is a duplicable process, anything becomes possible. Set NEW goals and break MORE barriers!

11. Step out for what you believe in



“I am…One thing I value is…I will show this by…Tonight I take a stand for my greatness!” One can never step out too many times. How have your values changed in one year? Have you been standing out for what you proclaimed last year? Reaffirm your values and recommit yourself to upholding them.

12. Use Your Voice



….for rapping, singing or writing. Now that you know what Poetry Night is, you’ll be able to prepare for your moment of greatness!

13. Celebrate YOU


We think that you’re pretty darn great, and we would love to hear all about your success this school year and how you are making a difference back at school and home. We can’t wait to see you back at SuperCamp in 2014. Shed that Fimage, get your dance on, and see you next summer!

So go on….text your SuperCamp friends, pick a campus, and go bug Mom and Dad to invest in you again this summer! POWER WOOSH TO YOU!


As a thank-you for coming back, enjoy $200 off (return grads only) until April 15. Spots are limited—your first choice may not be available if you wait. 

Register online for SuperCamp 2014 or call your enrollment counselor: 1-800-285-3276 ext. 200