Success Stories

Kalani’s Story

SuperCamp Student Spotlight – Kalani’s Story

Meet Kalani Kalani is an undergrad student at New York University. The acceptance rate for NYU’s class of 2023 was an astonishing sixteen percent, so we say well done Kalani! Since his admission into NYU, Kalani has maintained an exceptional GPA and completed his first semester with a 4.0, placing him at the top of […]

Nia’s Story

Prior to Attending SuperCamp Initially, Nia’s interest in SuperCamp was sparked because her older sister had attended years earlier. Although she was excited for the opportunity, she wasn’t expecting the experience to be as impactful as it was. Nia had always valued personal growth, lifelong learning, kindness, and authenticity. Her expectation was that she would […]

A Wadsworth Legacy: Samantha Hochmuth

“I felt like I got my life back.”  “When my parents told me about SuperCamp and how my Granduncle Bob was such a huge supporter of it, I wasn’t sure what to think,” said Samantha Hochmuth. “They said he sent his grandchildren and other people in his life because he believed it helped them so […]

A Wadsworth Legacy: Hunter Hochmuth

“It completely changed me for the better.” (and he went to SuperCamp three times)   Hunter Hochmuth was one of the many children the Wadsworth family sent to SuperCamp, including his sister Samantha. Hunter benefitted so much the first time he attended SuperCamp, Senior Forum at Stanford University in 2013, that he attended two more times—Loyola […]

A SuperCamp Champion Leaves a Legacy—In Memory of Bob Wadsworth

“It didn’t matter where he was standing. He was always the biggest person in the room, and I don’t mean by size.” “I never knew you could be ‘like a father’ to so many people.” “He was incredibly generous with his time, love, and finding ways to create interesting experiences. He was always there if you […]

A SuperCamp Family Success Story

SUPERCAMP IN THEIR BLOOD: FROM CRADLE TO COLLEGE, TRULY A SUPERCAMP FAMILY SUCCESS STORY Patti Brucki connected to SuperCamp as a facilitator early on in her teaching career—and she brought the entire family along with her—her husband, Ken, and their three children! Now, 22 years later, see the results! Patti is an English teacher, librarian, […]

An 8 Keys of Excellence Success Story

The 8 Keys of Excellence always have been an integral and important part of SuperCamp, giving students who attend our summer programs a character foundation to follow throughout their lives. The 8 Keys also are in countless schools and school districts throughout the U.S. The results, in terms of student behavior, have been nothing short […]

SuperCamp Dream Comes True – Eighteen Years Later!

Nita Rao‎, June 8 at 4:03pm.  When I was 13 years old at SuperCamp, our counselor asked us what we wanted to “be” when we grew up. He gave us each a square plank of wood and asked us to write our goal on one side of the board and then the obstacle that stood […]

Legacy: a Decade of SuperCamp

By Danny Domingo (SuperCamp Graduate and QLN Intern) I first discovered SuperCamp from my mom, an elementary social studies teacher, who constantly found up-and-coming methods and approaches to learning more efficient ways to expand understanding and education within schooling.  ―Alan Domingo (my uncle) Over the past thirteen years, my grandma Betty Domingo has sent ten […]

Carisa Fernandez: Outside the Comfort Zone

By Danny Domingo (SuperCamp Graduate and QLN Intern) Carisa was a quiet, introverted teen who never considered trying new things to be an option, never daring to venture outside her comfort zone. That was ten years ago prior to her attendance at SuperCamp, and a lot has changed since then. Aunt Betty (my grandma), who […]

30 Years Following the Path

More than 30 years have gone by since Suzanne (Jaffe) Levy first attended SuperCamp and she still talks about it all the time. She thought to herself many times over the years, “I’ve got to meet the woman who created SuperCamp”—so what a fun conversation when she and Bobbi DePorter connected recently! It was 30 […]