SuperCamp – An Overview


SuperCamp is the #1 camp in the world for empowering students to achieve their full potential in school and in life.


Schools focus on teaching content – history, math, English, science—but are not teaching kids how to learn. Schools do not  teach practical life skills.  Meanwhile, teens are under constant pressure to get good grades and to get into top universities.


Since day one, SuperCamp has been in the business of inspiring teens, which results in self-motivated learners. Every day at SuperCamp students gain new learning and life skills and experience many success moments throughout camp as they master these new skills. At some point, the breakthrough happens – the realization that they can overcome what’s been holding them back and they can set and achieve new goals.


To sum it up, students arrive at SuperCamp with a requirement to learn and they leave SuperCamp wanting to learn. The greatest gift you can give your son or daughter is to have them become a more independent, more confident person who finds school easier.

We Empower Students To
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Resolve differences
  • Maintain positive relationships
  • Strengthen character
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve social skills
  • Raise grades
  • Plan and prepare for college
  • Take responsibility
  • Sharpen study skills
  • Intensify focus
  • Take meaningful notes
  • Accelerate memorization speed
  • Read more efficiently and effectively
  • Improve writing skills
How We Do It

Your son or daughter acquires strategies for effective learning in all subjects, develops critical new skills in reading, writing, thinking, speaking, memory and note-taking, and builds communication, leadership, relationship and career capabilities. Think of SuperCamp as an academic and personal growth retreat for your teen.

Put Down the Phone. Yep.

At SuperCamp we focus on understanding how the mind learns, processes information, and interacts in social situations. To ensure campers reach optimal outcomes, SuperCamp is designed as a distraction-free environment. As such, students are required to hand in all electronics (cell phones, cameras, iPads, iPods, tablets, MP3 players, etc.) when checking into camp.


Being technology free during camp allows for a pattern interrupt that provides full immersion into the SuperCamp experience. When students are separated from technology, they are free to focus on their experience and how they’re living their lives without interruption.


Campers will get their phones for a 15-20 minute mid-camp check-in call around dinner time on day 3 of Junior Forum, on day 4 of the 7-day Leadership Forum, Quantum Academy, and Senior Forum program, and on day 5 of the 10-day Senior Forum program.


To ensure safety and communication, we will contact you if there is an emergency or particular concern about your child (illness, homesickness, behavior, etc.). If at any time there is an emergency at home or you would like to check in with the office staff about your child, please call the site office number that is provided.

Program Details

Utilizing proven Quantum Learning teaching methods, every minute and day at SuperCamp is planned in advance and carefully orchestrated in the moment.

Academic and Life Skills

Engaging and effective academic and life skills coaching—90 hours in the 10-day programs, 68 hours in the 7-day programs and 54 hours in the 6-day programs.


Goal-setting, critical thinking and interpersonal skills that students can apply in school, volunteer roles and elsewhere as they prepare for college and their eventual career.


Effective communication skills and positive relationships with techniques to address conflict, apologize effectively, and take ownership for actions.


The course work is interactive and interspersed with music and fun. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic teaching strategies are utiliized to engage all students. We emphasize teamwork and participants bond over team-building activities including an outdoor adventure course, board breaking, and general group interaction. Students form deep friendships that last long after camp!