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With Crisis Comes Opportunity— Quantum Live Virtual Learning

Learning online–shift from have to be there to want to be thereHaving joy in your online learning experience   With Crisis Comes Opportunity—Quantum Live Virtual Learning Captivate – Connect – Cultivate How schools open for the new school year is being debated across the nation and much is at stake . . . the wellbeing […]

How to Build Rapport and Support Your Children in these Challenging Times

By Bobbi DePorter These are challenging times for all of us, and perhaps especially for families. Most parents are working from home, and students are being schooled at home—it’s a lot of togetherness!! Our children are also struggling. They’re away from their friends, they’re trying to do their schoolwork and learn at home. They’re feeling […]

summer activities for high school students

15 Great Summer Activities for High School Students

While many students think that their summer break is never long enough, in truth, there’s actually enough time to fit in three important elements: fun, growth and relaxation. With summer already underway, we thought we would share our suggestions on summer activities in each of these three areas.   Fun Activities We don’t think students […]

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Building Better Relationships with Children and Students

4 Relationship Styles – One Works! Relationships are very tricky—husbands and wives, parents and children, teachers and students, employers and employees, friends, colleagues, etc. It matters not; every type of relationship comes with its challenges. While it seems that relationships can be defined in an endless number of ways, ultimately, every relationship falls into one […]

My Teenager Can’t Focus: The Downside of Cell Phones

If you’re a parent, educator, or just a keen observer of the world around you, you’ve probably made the following observation: “Kids are on their phones a lot these days.” That’s not just an idle thought. As a matter of fact, it’s very much backed up by statistics. Here are some figures that give an […]

It Starts by Talking: The Power of Effective Apologies in Communication

Perhaps no single area of communication is as important as the apology. It’s an admission of fault and an expression of contrition. A plea for forgiveness is often the first step in moving a relationship forward. But doing an apology right isn’t easy. Even this month, the news has been full of people and companies […]

Proactive Parents Augmenting Education with SuperCamp

Chicago parent, Ruth Muyskens, sends son to SuperCamp to gain the academic, social and life skills training that is not emphasized in traditional schools. Chicago resident Matthew Postlewaite finished middle school as an average student. He was a B-student with no discipline problems and a few extracurriculars. But, like many teens, he was lacking in […]