Parent Testimonials

“She gained a positive attitude, not to mention powerfully expanded academic social & emotional skills.”

“James has been bragging about his improvements in reading speed and comprehension which I hope yields terrific improvements in his enthusiasm for reading and in his school work!”

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“He is studying, hitting the books and doing his homework! And it actually shows on his progress report. Only 2 B’s the rest A’s! Yay! I have never seen these kinds of grades since he was in 6th grade.”

“Jason surprised us today when he came home from school – He’s running for student council president, even though he hasn’t even been involved with it in the past.”

“We credit SuperCamp with helping Sara to focus on and confidently accept new challenges.”

“My daughter attended SuperCamp at Stanford this summer and to say she enjoyed it would be the understatement of the year. She’s always been a great student and daughter, but this was a life-changing event for her. Keep up the good work! It is much appreciated by parents and students!”

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“SuperCamp is worth every penny. You will experience motivation, friendship, work ethic, and inspiration like never before.”

“In just two weeks SuperCamp accomplished what I’ve been trying to accomplish for 16 years. My son says it was the best 10 days of his life.”

“A decision well worth making. We have seen remarkable improvements in our son’s confidence, social skills and study skills as well as motivation.”

“It improved our relationship with our son and willingness on his part to communicate with us more—he talks a lot of things over with us now.”

“This is the first time in history that my son ever got straight A’s! He is using memory techniques, Quantum Reading and note-taking skills. I am proud! He is proud!”


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