Student Types

We offer programs for students in middle school, high school and college. Over 37 years, we’ve identified four types of students who attend, and have found each group achieves success in its own unique way.

Straight-A High Achiever

These students excel in school, though sometimes at the expense of other areas of their lives. With academic skills honed, they gain a new understanding at SuperCamp of how they learn best and how to study smarter rather than harder. High achievers greatly benefit from SuperCamp’s leadership activities and relationship-building exercises.

Not Living Up to Full Potential

These kids do well in school by doing the bare minimum—with little effort, however, they could be in the straight-A high-achiever group. At SuperCamp these teens learn to take responsibility for their education and understand the value of putting in the extra effort to move up to higher grades.

Under the Radar

They often go unnoticed because they’re “doing okay.” They work fairly hard to get Bs and Cs and the occasional A. They could, however, do better. Their exposure to leadership, barrier breaking, and new learning strategies helps them rise to the next level.


These students have fallen into a negative pattern. Their self-talk consists of “I can’t” or “I don’t know how.” At SuperCamp they experience success through specific academic techniques such as Quantum Writing, Quantum Reading, memorization strategies, etc., and change their language to “Yes, I can do this.”

Every academic, life skill, communication, team and leadership experience we orchestrate for students is designed to create “success moments.” When adolescents experience these success moments over and over and over again, as they do at SuperCamp, they develop higher levels of competence in learning skills and life skills, which, in turn, yield greater levels of confidence.


This systematic progression—success to competence to confidence—is the basis of the intrinsic motivation your child requires to be an independent, innovative, and successful individual.

You Are SuperCamp

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