Student Types

Student Types

A range of students attend SuperCamp each year because of the different benefits our programs provide.

You’re a top student and appreciate learning new skills to achieve more in school and beyond

Perhaps you’re starting to think about college, whether you’re in high school or even still in middle school. SuperCamp’s communication, Quantum Writing, critical thinking, and leadership training gets you ready for that next step and helps you achieve even more academically right away.

You’re a mid-range student who could benefit from both new learning and life skills

What’s going to help you take it to the next level? Maybe it’s more confidence in yourself and a little more motivation at school. You’ll get both at SuperCamp with the skills you acquire and the mini-success moments you experience as you apply these skills in team and group activities.

You’re a student wondering how other students seem to stay on top of their assignments

SuperCamp’s learning-how-to-learn skills are for you! You’ll learn how each of us takes in information through visual, auditory and kinesthetic channels and you’ll discover your dominant channel. That plus the time management, study and test-taking skills will make school so much easier and more enjoyable for you.

You Are SuperCamp

Accelerate your student’s future in a fun, challenging environment.