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Words are Powerful

Words are so powerful. Words have the power to build people up and bring them down. They can uplift and enlighten, or depress and destroy. We have complete control over the words we use, so we really must choose them carefully. The first step is awareness. Think before you speak. Focus on communicating positives: strengths, […]

Kalani’s Story

SuperCamp Student Spotlight – Kalani’s Story

Meet Kalani Kalani is an undergrad student at New York University. The acceptance rate for NYU’s class of 2023 was an astonishing sixteen percent, so we say well done Kalani! Since his admission into NYU, Kalani has maintained an exceptional GPA and completed his first semester with a 4.0, placing him at the top of […]

Living Above the Line

Above the Line

Living above the line is related to the Key of Ownership, one of our 8 Keys of Excellence principles to live by. Life’s challenges come at us from all directions. At home, at school, and with friends, challenges are what keep life interesting. As these challenges arise, we have choices in how to approach them. No […]

Nia’s Story

Prior to Attending SuperCamp Initially, Nia’s interest in SuperCamp was sparked because her older sister had attended years earlier. Although she was excited for the opportunity, she wasn’t expecting the experience to be as impactful as it was. Nia had always valued personal growth, lifelong learning, kindness, and authenticity. Her expectation was that she would […]

Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything!

Over our nearly four decades of operating SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs, we’ve learned a lot about students . . . about what holds them back and about what propels them forward. Maintaining a positive attitude is well up there on the list of what propels students forward—in school and in life! Choose a […]

There’s a difference in virtual learning!

SuperCamp’s learning skills are applicable to every subject and every level of learning, and to virtual learning as well as classroom learning. This has not been an easy school year for students. With no warning whatsoever—and therefore no preparation—virtual learning became the new normal for students and their parents. No one was ready for virtual […]

What is SuperCamp’s “Secret Ingredient”?

SuperCamp facilitates powerful learning through its Quantum Learning teaching methods that are proven to positively transform teen attitudes, confidence, and motivation. And what is SuperCamp’s secret ingredient? Mini-success moments! At SuperCamp we create a safe and encouraging environment aligned with what we know from brain research. We build curiosity and a sense of belonging, we […]

A Wadsworth Legacy: Samantha Hochmuth

“I felt like I got my life back.”  “When my parents told me about SuperCamp and how my Granduncle Bob was such a huge supporter of it, I wasn’t sure what to think,” said Samantha Hochmuth. “They said he sent his grandchildren and other people in his life because he believed it helped them so […]

A Wadsworth Legacy: Hunter Hochmuth

“It completely changed me for the better.” (and he went to SuperCamp three times)   Hunter Hochmuth was one of the many children the Wadsworth family sent to SuperCamp, including his sister Samantha. Hunter benefitted so much the first time he attended SuperCamp, Senior Forum at Stanford University in 2013, that he attended two more times—Loyola […]

A Wadsworth Legacy: Jake Castellanos

“I changed so much . . . I wanted to go every year” (and he went to SuperCamp four times) Jake Castellanos, Bob and Mary Wadsworth’s grandson, had the misfortune of losing his parents at a young age and was raised by his other (paternal) grandparents. He grew up without many other kids around and […]

Taught to turn on, now taught to turn off — who knew?

In 1982, when SuperCamp started, we were teaching students how to turn computers on. Now, nearly 38 years later, we are teaching students to turn their electronic devices off! If you’re a parent, educator, or just a keen observer of the world around you, you’ve probably made the following observation: “Kids are on their phones […]