2020-2021 SuperCamp Programs

SuperCamp* provides learning and life skills summer programs for students from 6th grade to college and helps produce independent, inspired, more confident learners. Students learn how to learn at SuperCamp, both by determining their optimal learning style and by acquiring skills to improve their reading comprehension, reading speed, writing, memory, note-taking, studying and test-taking. Life-skills training covers six areas: character, communication, goal-setting, leadership, moving out of natural comfort zones, and career skills.


When SuperCamp grads return home they find school is easier, which helps them raise their grades and prepare for their next step in school and in life. They set new goals knowing they can overcome any obstacles in their way.


Take a Stand for Your Greatness

  • A 3-Day Journey to Discover What Sets You Apart
  • December 28, 29, and 30, 2020 – For ages 14-18

SuperCamp Mastermind

  • Join a weekly student mastermind team with a virtual live facilitator for ages 14 – 20.
  • Gain a solid foundation for success in your school year.

SuperCamp Weekly Courses

  • Week-long courses for ages 11-13 and 14-18
  • Self-driven Motivation and Leadership Now, Quantum Strategies, Quantum Reading, Quantum Writing

SuperCamp U

  • SuperCamp U is a live virtual summer experience for students ages 9 – 18
  • 1-4 week online program

Junior Forum

  • Incoming 6th-8th graders
  • 7-day residential program

Senior Forum

  • Incoming 9th-12th graders
  • 10-day residential program

I want to LEARN MORE 

SuperCamp co-founder and president, Bobbi DePorter, discusses how students become self-motivated learners at SuperCamp

Teens and pre-teens face more challenges today than ever before. Social pressures compounded by social media, the isolation brought about by the overuse and misuse of technology, and the need to perform at a high level academically in order to get into “the best schools,” are just a few of the realities that can overwhelm young people today.


SuperCamp’s mission is to help each individual who attends one of our programs gain the confidence, motivation and new skills to become the best person they can be. That’s why SuperCamp benefits multiple student types.


Review our SuperCamp grad and SuperCamp grad parents share their experience!