Summer enrichment is traditionally considered to be a great way to expose students to new or more advanced areas of learning during the long summer vacation break. No argument there.

But the right kind of summer enrichment program can play another significant role in a student’s academic success and that is in helping prevent summer learning loss.

Is summer learning loss real? Several studies indicate that it is. We also believe we have the perfect antidote—the summer enrichment students get by attending one of SuperCamp’s summer programs.

Think of our summer enrichment programs as producing a summer learning gain! We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, what are the studies saying about summer learning loss? Here are a few generally-accepted facts:

Gaining a consensus on solutions to this phenomenon, however, is a little more challenging.  For example, there are varied opinions on the effectiveness of school-based summer enrichment programs. Advice to help younger students maintain during the summer include the following suggestions:

So, let’s turn to the SuperCamp summer enrichment, or summer learning gain, solution. The gain comes through a combination of two key things unique to our summer enrichment camps:

  1. The new learning and life skills the students who attend SuperCamp acquire, which propels their learning forward when they get back to school.
  2. The added motivation, confidence and inspiration they return home with, which empowers them to take control of their own learning and future.

Let’s dig deeper into SuperCamp’s ability to counteract summer learning loss through our very directed form of summer enrichment. Students at SuperCamp gain an understanding of how the mind approaches learning. This understanding of the how, and the why behind the how, can have a significant effect on a student’s performance. They begin to learn, comprehend and recall information more easily. Studying becomes a much easier task once a student identifies their personal learning style and incorporates techniques unique to that style.

The highly orchestrated positive environment that students encounter at our summer enrichment programs allows them to grow personally as well as academically. By doing so, this spurs the growth in self-confidence and motivation that ultimately elevates their learning as much as the new learning skills themselves do.

Then there are the specific life skills, which also create a “gain” on the academic side, as well as the personal side of life. Students learn new communication techniques that help with peer, parent and teacher relationships. They learn how to collaborate more effectively, enhancing their ability to participate constructively in group undertakings at school. At the same time, they learn about the traits that make for a good leader; another life skill that is equally as beneficial in school as it is later in life.

SuperCamp provides students with clarity on how to set and reach goals. They learn that no obstacle is insurmountable as long as there is a commitment to the ultimate goal and an effective step-by-step process to pursuing the goal. Related to achieving goals is the confidence students gain at SuperCamp by moving out of their natural comfort zones.

Let’s not forget the importance of the 8 Keys of Excellence in the summer enrichment students receive by attending SuperCamp. Without going into great detail on the definitions of the 8 Keys, which are outlined in depth in other SuperCamp blog posts and on the website, consider the impact these eight character principles have on a student’s personal enrichment, character and attitude toward and approach to their academics:

In summary, while summer learning loss is, to some degree, a reality for most students, parents don’t need to over-react by sending their son or daughter off to a math class in summer school or a series of intense remedial courses, which will drain the student even more by the time the fall semester begins.

A 6-day or 10-day SuperCamp summer enrichment program can and will work wonders.