Maximize your brain power during SuperCamp’s academic enrichment summer programs.

By Daniel Shedd

Brains love breaks! A recent Carnegie Mellon study found that taking breaks improves a brain’s decision-making capacity.  Scientists watched the brain patterns of people while they took in information about cars and other topics. Then the subjects worked on an unrelated, distracting number game for a few minutes, after which they were asked to make decisions based on what they’d learned before the short break.

The researchers saw that important parts of the brain related to decision-making (visual, prefrontal cortices) stayed active even during the break. Their brains were actively, though subconsciously, processing and sorting data even while their focus stayed on the distraction activity. Consequently, the subjects who played the number game between getting the information and applying it made better decisions than those who did not take a break.

In other words, while we’re giving our conscious mind a break from all the things we’re learning, our subconscious continues to process information. So, next time you’re working on homework, you can use short breaks and your brain’s ability to process subconsciously to make your life easier! Be sure to take a ten-minute break every hour or so to give your brain time to process and rest. While you focus on conquering a video game or enjoying a great sandwich, perhaps your subconscious will solve the problem for you!

At SuperCamp, we take frequent breaks throughout the day so that our brains can rest and process the information we’ve been gaining all day. We journal in the evenings for the same reason – so that our brains can process and reprocess all the experiences and concepts of the day. SuperCamp is an educational summer camp where we learn dozens of college prep study techniques just like this one to make learning a much more natural, engaging and enjoyable experience. You will also gain leadership, interpersonal and communication skills during this fun summer enrichment program.

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About the Author:
Daniel Shedd loved being a SuperCamp camper and Team Leader and has served as a Facilitator for many years.

About SuperCamp:
SuperCamp offers academic and personal enrichment program summer camps for teens, including specifically designed summer programs for high school students, middle school students, and college students respectively. These educational summer camps provide ideal college prep skills and help instill positive values for life based on The 8 Keys of Excellence by Bobbi DePorter. SuperCamp’s academic summer programs for teens help students increase their grades, confidence and motivation.