Study Skills

How to Study Effectively at All Ages

It’s a concern we hear from parents all the time: “I don’t remember working nearly this hard as a kid.” And parents aren’t completely wrong. It isn’t enough to have a 3.5 GPA or 1300 on your SATS anymore. Starting at an increasingly young age, it’s expected that students not only be top academic performers, […]

25 Top Test Secrets from SuperCamp

Here’s a list of test secrets we compiled over our years of operating SuperCamp and school programs. Some of them may not apply in all situations, but we’re sure there will be plenty for students to use in their preparation for tests. 10 THINGS TO DO THE WEEK BEFORE EXAMS Find out what kind of […]

5 Habits of Students Who Excel

Over our 35 years of operating SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs, we’ve found that excellent students share many traits and strategies. In an effort to share the most important, we’ve boiled them down to five basic habits: #1 – PREPARE Prepare yourself by cultivating a winning attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude is a vitally […]

6 Hot Tips for Successful Note-Taking

Students often find themselves daydreaming in the middle of an important lesson. Here’s why. The teacher speaks at the rate of 200 to 300 words a minute. The brain can process language at 600 to 800 words a minute. It’s no wonder that during long lessons, the students’ minds start to fill in that lag […]

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Expert tips to support good study habits

IS YOUR TEEN “studying” while lying across the bed, tapping on a computer, yakking on the phone or texting, mouthing along with music—with papers sliding everywhere?

Such study “habits” can be improved, according to Bobbi DePorter, president of the Quantum Learning Network and co-founder of SuperCamp (, which offers seven- to 10-day residential learning and life-skills programs each summer. The Quantum Learning School program ( is an offshoot that so far has trained thousands of educators to institute similar learning techniques during the school year.

“School is kids’ work,” DePorter says. “But when adults have work, often they have home offices. These work for kids, too.”

Is your teen prepared?

There are many demands on our teens and we have high expectations for them. If you’re like me, you often wake up in the morning and ask yourself Have I done enough? Where did the time go? There are only a few short years before they’re going off to college, starting a career and beginning […]

10 Surprising Reasons Your Teenager Can’t Focus

Focus takes more than willpower. Most students want to improve their focus. They want to reduce their homework time. They want to retain more information from their study sessions. They want to perform well on exams. But many well-intentioned teens sabotage their focus without realizing it. If your teen is struggling to stay on task, […]