SuperCamp can be life changing—just ask Lucy Dugan. At the time she attended she was a graduate of middle school and her parents had given her a present—a trip to SuperCamp. They heard it could boost her confidence, increase her grades, and inspire her motivation. But what Lucy really gained would change her forever.


This Is ItDay one was sheer culture shock for Lucy, but on day two the “This Is It” Key of Excellence was presented and she was hooked. Lucy returned for the next two years. She claims the SuperCamp experience is “transformational.” Lucy had low self-esteem on entering, but left with greater self-awareness and direction—she wanted to become a team leader. Seven seasons later, Lucy has changed lives, inspired teens, and pushed students to believe in themselves. She’s made lifelong friends, seen incredible transformations, and firmly believes that SuperCamp can have the same powerful impact on anyone.