The Key of the month is Flexibility: Be willing to do things differently.


Recognize what’s not working and be willing to change what you’re doing to achieve your goal!

You’re working on a science project, and the cotton ball cloud parts simply will not stick to the cardboard. You glue, let it dry, it falls out. You glue, let it dry, it falls out. After a while, it would seem a bit crazy to just keep using the same glue when you’re getting the same results, right? This is where flexibility comes in.

The key of flexibility is about maintaining the ability to change what you’re doing in order to get the outcome you desire. If your current strategy isn’t working, try something different! Keep trying  until you find what works.

In our everyday situations, we need to look at our actions to see whether we are being rigid or flexible. If a set of actions repeatedly fails to help us reach our goal, then it’s time to change our strategy.

It’s not always easy to recognize or admit that we’re doing something that just isn’t working. The first step to being flexible is admitting that something needs to change. Remove your ego from your actions and take an objective look at what you’re doing. See your failure as feedback, use that valuable information to make adjustments, and move on! By exploring numerous potential solutions, you’ll discover avenues for success that you never would have previously considered.

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insanity-defined-by-einsteinWithout flexibility, we’re all bound to go a little insane!