Weekly group support meetings PLUS 1:1 Mentoring sessions
Masterminds have been a long tradition in business and they continue because of the support members receive and the results they achieve.

What is a mastermind?
Masterminds are small groups of peers who meet regularly to help each other succeed. Members share their successes, their stories, and their goals—what they want to achieve, and barriers that get in their way—and other members share ideas from their own experience.

Masterminds first began in 1925 when the concept was conceived by Napoleon Hill, author of The Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich. Hill believed that when two people got together, a third mind—the master mind—was created.

Bobbi DePorter, President of SuperCamp, has participated in several mastermind groups, one for more than three years. “I found the meetings kept me focused on my progress and overall growth. The support I experienced made me feel not so alone at times when I was stuck, needed fresh ideas, and was trying to break through my challenges. That mastermind group helped keep me moving forward. It was inspiring and motivating to be part of a safe group who knew me well, a group with whom I could share my challenges and my successes, and receive meaningful feedback!”

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you
to think and act on building the life you desire.”
Napoleon Hill

Why for students?
Now more than ever students can use extra support navigating this most unusual school year where personal guidance is limited. Especially in the virtual setting, students are generally isolated and working alone.

Reports show that the number of students who are in need of mental, social, and emotional support is up 60% and the ability of schools to respond is down 25%.

College students are regularly coached by their academic advisors. We know that regular meetings can make a big difference in how supported students feel. It reduces anxiety and stress and refocuses students on what needs to get done to reach their goals.

SuperCamp has put students in small groups since its beginning forty years ago. “Team time” is one of the most valued parts of SuperCamp. Students get to know each other at a deep level. They feel comfortable to be who they are, to share their strengths as well as their insecurities, to express their opinions. They feel safe to share themselves authentically, to share experiences that might be helpful to another, and through this they learn about themselves at a deeper level. Team Time helps students to feel safe, supported, and valued for who they are.

SuperCamp Mastermind with Mentors
SuperCamp’s experience with students over the last nearly 40 years and their knowledge of what students need to propel them toward being their best self, has inspired them to create a new form of “Team Time”—a mastermind group! Now this team support is here for students! The SuperCamp Mastermind with Mentors program is for students ages 14 to 20 and will continue throughout the school year.

Mastermind with Mentors is led by our SuperCamp facilitators—facilitators who many say are some of the best in the world! They’re known for their ability to connect, inspire, and motivate students, and effectively lead impactful discussions and meaningful learning.

During 90-minute weekly meetings, a team of eight to twelve students discuss their highest goals, what is most important and brings the most meaning to their lives. They share what may be holding them back and what they need to break through barriers, and receive suggestions from other team members and from their SuperCamp facilitator/mentor. All participants get support in staying accountable and on track for success.

At each meeting, all team members will have an opportunity to speak and receive feedback. Part of the weekly process is where each student shares:

  1. A personal success this week
  2. Progress on last week’s challenge
  3. This week’s goal  (on same challenge or new focus)

The same group of students stays together for at least a month, and ideally for longer—a half semester, a full semester, or for the full school year. This builds trust and a sense of belonging where students feel safe to be their authentic selves, which builds their confidence, courage, and motivation—all empowering them to excel.

PLUS . . . One-on-One Mentoring!

The same qualified and trained facilitators who lead the mastermind teams also connect one-on-one with each participant for a half-hour private mentoring session each week. They discuss goals and challenges, as well as suggested strategies and implementation, providing students with individual guidance and support. This connection builds rapport between the student and the facilitator, and with the focus on helping them succeed, students gain not only knowledge, but confidence.

Claude Mitchell, who has been with SuperCamp since 2013, is one of our lead facilitators, and here are his thoughts on the value of mentoring: “I have been blessed to have had mentors in every stage of my life, and whether they were by force or by choice, they all made an impact on my life. The knowledge and wisdom that was shared with me during those times, whether through words or actions, are priceless. The time and effort they sacrificed to guide and support me will never be forgotten. The lessons I learned from those mentors have stuck with me my entire life and will continue to be part of who I am for the rest of my days. My hope is that I can lead and guide others through mentoring, passing on the wisdom and knowledge I’ve acquired throughout my life. What is the purpose of gaining knowledge and wisdom if you’re just going to keep it to yourself?”

Our objective in offering the Mastermind with Mentors program is to provide ongoing support for students to inspire and empower them to excel during the coming school year. Click here to LEARN MORE