SuperCamp college prep academic summer programs teach advanced study skills like mind-mapping.

By Daniel Shedd

We know mind-mapping is a fantastic note-taking tool that our brains love. Invented by Tony Buzan, this tool uses pictures and colors to help our brains remember and recall information more readily.

SuperCamp college prep academic summer programs teaches advanced study skills like mind-mapping shown in this image.We start in the middle with a picture or image of the topic. Then, in about the 2 o’clock position, we draw the first branch from thick to thin and fill it in, all in the same color. On top of the branch, in all capital letters, write the name of the first sub-topic. Somewhere near the branch, we draw a small image or symbol that reminds us of the sub-topic. Then, coming off the tip of the branch, like a tree, we draw sub-branches that have important details and definitions relating to the sub-topic, adding symbols for each new small branch.

After we complete the first branch, we grab a different color pen for a new branch. Then we start a second main branch coming from the center at about the 4 o’clock position for the next sub-topic. Repeating this process for each sub-topic, we make sure to add symbols and images that we relate to each branch.

Finally, once we’re all finished drawing, we hold up our mind map and do the seven-second swoosh, moving our finger over each sub-topic and sub-branch as we say the words aloud, getting all three learning channels involved.

For the less-artistically-inclined, now there’s a great new way to create and use mind maps! Mr. Buzan and his company have released an app for tablets, smartphones, and web browsers called iMindMap. This app lets you create and save mind maps! This software speeds up the process of mind-mapping and makes it much easier to create and save our brain-friendly notes. Your brain will love it and might even send you a thank-you note.

We teach this and other excellent college prep study techniques and during our summer academic enrichment camps, called SuperCamp.

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About the Author:
Daniel Shedd earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Christian University. He loved being a SuperCamp Camper and Team Leader.  Dan has been a Facilitator since 2011 and will be a Facilitator at Brown University during summer 2013. He is also pursuing his Master’s Degree in Education.

About SuperCamp:
SuperCamp offers academic and personal enrichment program summer camps for teens, including specifically designed summer programs for high school students, middle school students, and college students respectively. These educational summer camps provide ideal college prep skills and help instill positive values for life based on The 8 Keys of Excellence by Bobbi DePorter. SuperCamp’s academic summer programs for teens help students increase their grades, confidence and motivation.