Prior to Attending SuperCamp
Initially, Nia’s interest in SuperCamp was sparked because her older sister had attended years earlier. Although she was excited for the opportunity, she wasn’t expecting the experience to be as impactful as it was.

Nia had always valued personal growth, lifelong learning, kindness, and authenticity. Her expectation was that she would experience learning moments that aligned with those values. Being the learner that she is, she did experience that—and so much more.

The Shift
Midway through camp, Nia sat on the carpeted floor surrounded by people whom she’d just met a few days earlier. The air was cool. The lights were soft and dim. Her eyes were closed and she was listening intently. The exercise was to think about negative things in our life that we’re holding on to. As we focus on our thoughts, our fists tighten. Tightening our grasp, we hold it for as long we can. Then eventually we release and let go of whatever is holding us back.

Nia referred to this as the standout moment of her SuperCamp experience. Even after she was able to release, she admits that it was really hard. She kept her fists clenched. Nia explained that she had been holding on to these negative thoughts and emotions for so long, years in fact. Allowing herself to let go wasn’t a simple task. Moment after moment passed and Nia kept holding on for what she said felt like an eternity. Then she was finally able to let go.

Nia reflected, “When I finally let go, I just burst into tears. They were just flowing and I am not the type of person to cry in public . . . I cried in front of all of those kids and I didn’t even care. It was such a moment for me.” Many of us, like Nia, find that taking a moment like this for ourselves is rare and not always easy. However, when we choose to take the opportunity to experience these moments, they are impactful and unforgettable.

The Impact
Remembering her experience, Nia shared that “The biggest thing about SuperCamp was that it was a space where you could just let yourself dive into the little crevices of who you are and just keep going . . . I unpeeled layers that I probably wouldn’t have [unpeeled] for years. I was able to release certain experiences from my life because nothing was stopping my flow. I wasn’t interrupted by stress from school. I wasn’t interrupted by family matters. I was able to go through that process and complete it.”

Taking a glimpse into Nia’s experience, we instantly admired how present and inspired she is. She recognized that there was something holding her back from being her best self. Even though the choice wasn’t easy and pushed her out of her comfort zone, she chose to let go. Letting go of the things she’d been holding onto freed up more space and opportunity for positivity, which is what she truly values. Nia is someone who lives in the moment, and in those moments she is always looking for the positive outcome.

The 8 Keys of Excellence
Nia’s story in relation to the 8 Keys of Excellence truly embodies the Key of “This Is It!” This Key is all about making the most of every moment, focusing our attention on the present, and keeping a positive attitude.

Where is she now?
Since summer 2019, Nia has continued to make the most of every moment. She is taking four AP courses, acting as an officer of her school’s Black Student Union, and is working toward creating a student-led learning community, where students can connect online to provide tutoring and other academic resources. Nia was also invited to speak at an event for entrepreneurs within her community. During her speaking engagement, she shared valuable insight on what motivates her and pushes her to keep going under any circumstance.

Future Goals
Nia’s long-term goals are inspired by one meaningful focus—to create “a positive impact.” Nia will be participating in SuperCamp’s Mastermind with Mentors in October to gain new learning experiences, connect with others, and to continue receiving support from her SuperCamp community. Her intention and drive to make a positive impact will no doubt be at the forefront of her experience.