Academic Summer Camp, SuperCamp, teaches key interpersonal skills and academic study techniques to increase success.

By Daniel Shedd

Myriad research has shown that a positive relationship between student and teacher massively improves the quality of the student’s education and school experience. In fact, some studies have shown that connecting with our teachers, even on the most casual level, can have a bigger influence on our success in school (and later in life) than connecting with our families. So, when we form positive relationships with our teachers, we’re making the game of school easier to win.

At SuperCamp, we talk about the system for connecting with our teachers called SLANT.

The S and L stand for Sit up and Lean forward. They’re about sending a nonverbal message to our teachers that we are tuned in and paying attention.

The A is for Ask questions. Though asking questions can sometimes be in our learning zone, we can shed a little bit of Fimage and ask clarifying questions, to make sure we understand what we’re learning.

Next, the N stands for Nod yo’ head! Nodding our head reinforces the message to our teacher that we are paying attention and that we understand what they are saying.

Finally, the T stands for Talk to yo’ teacher. Talking with our teacher doesn’t necessarily mean adding them on Facebook, liking all their posts, and inviting them to your birthday party. It can be as simple as a “good morning” or a “how was your weekend?” Teachers are people too!

We know building a positive relationship with our teacher can have a huge impact on our learning, and SLANT is a simple system specialized in doing just that. At SuperCamp, the leading academic summer camp, you will learn this and other key interpersonal skills, along with exceptional academic study techniques to increase your success in school and throughout your life.

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About the Author:
Daniel Shedd earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Christian University. He loved being a SuperCamp Camper and Team Leader.  Dan has been a Facilitator since 2011 and will be a Facilitator at Brown University during summer 2013. He is also pursuing his Master’s Degree in Education.

About SuperCamp:
SuperCamp offers academic and personal enrichment program summer camps for teens, including specifically designed summer programs for high school students, middle school students, and college students respectively. These educational summer camps provide ideal college prep skills and help instill positive values for life based on The 8 Keys of Excellence by Bobbi DePorter. SuperCamp’s academic summer programs for teens help students increase their grades, confidence and motivation.