Quantum Academy’s college prep accelerated learning techniques are helping college students compete in today’s workforce. Limited seats still available for a short time.

In this fiercely competitive job market, college students must prepare every way possible to enter the workforce, starting with a successful and timely college degree. College students today must make the most of every class and that means being thoroughly prepared to keep up with the rigors of higher education. As a result, many wise college students are turning to college prep courses to gain the essential skills they’ll need to succeed, before ever enrolling in school.

With many college prep programs available, few stand out like Quantum Academy, which offers accelerated learning methods to learn faster and assimilate more, in conjunction with life skills to help students blossom into successful young adults.

Quantum Academy teaches many college prep accelerated learning techniques which capitalize naturally on the ways our brains work. Just a few  of these techniques include Quantum Reading, Writing and Note-taking, mind-mapping and power peg 12 brain rules. Students learn how find their optimal learning environment and how to consider a professor’s teaching style, then adjust their own strategies to maximize their learning

Students also receive equally important life skills training such as how to manage their time, energy, and finances, balancing campus and academic life, social safety, dorm living, and Greek life. Students also learn essential financial principles such as credit card safety, budgeting, and financial aid.

Quantum Academy’s revolutionary college prep program teaches the whole student in a highly effective manner. During the intensive 8-day course, students gain added focus and confidence while elevating their communication, presentation, study, writing, reading and life skills.

Limited space is still available. For more information or to register your student, visit https://www.supercamp.com/college or call 1-800-285-3276 ext. 200.


About Quantum Academy:
Quantum Academy is the leading college prep summer camp for incoming college freshmen, sophomores and juniors. During this intensive, 8-day college prep summer camp, students learn crucial skills to make the most of their college education and experience. Quantum Academy teaches accelerated learning methods to help students quickly and fully understand new concepts. During this academic summer camp, students also learn essential life skills to make the most of their college experience while transitioning successfully into adulthood. For more information, please visit https://www.supercamp.com/college.


About SuperCamp:
SuperCamp is the world’s leading academic and life skills summer camp. For more than 35 years, SuperCamp has helped students increase their grades, confidence and motivation. During these intensive summer camps, students acquire the academic and life skills necessary to compete in the 21st century. SuperCamp has made a difference in the lives of over 75,000 graduates worldwide. For more information, please visit www.SuperCamp.com or call 800.228.5327.

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