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High schools are not preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel after graduation. In fact, only 26% of high school students graduate college-ready in the four core subjects of English, reading, math, and science.

SuperCamp teaches study strategies to help students retain information taught in the classroom. Students will learn a wide range of specialized strategies applicable in any learning situation. Knowing how to apply each one in the appropriate setting is just as important as learning the strategies themselves. Quantum Strategies include Notes:TM, Theta Scan, Quantum Reading and Mind-Mapping. Students learn simple ways to make learning and studying more effective and, importantly, more enjoyable.

73% of SuperCamp grads experience an increase in grades and 81% enjoy a boost in confidence along with improved motivation, communication and social skills.

Every person is smart. People learn differently, and when students find out how they learn, they feel smart. Determining your personal learning style means knowing how everything you experience enters your brain and naturally makes sense to you. When you know that your learning-style preference is visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) or kinesthetic (movement/touching), you set yourself up for more success. Being aware of your focus gives you valuable insight into your own reactions and to those of others–having this knowledge will help you to be a better learner.

As parents, you know how crucial this concept is. You understand the value in working smarter, not just harder. The most successful students are inspired to take responsibility for their own learning, and SuperCamp helps students to do just that.

Help your child achieve a brighter future in academics and in life! Spots are filling quickly for 2014–enroll now!