Today was awesome. These young entrepreneurs were so focused on fine-tuning their presentations, practicing over and over, and writing out notecards like their lives depended on it. We worked and practiced all morning and the anticipation for the SuperBizCamp Business Plan Competition was palpable.

Before lunch, each team presented to each other and voted on which of the partnerships would represent the group in the competition. It was difficult with so many excellent business ideas and everyone having worked so hard, but each team finally did. This was a good opportunity in and of itself to get a glimpse of some of the tough choices required in business.

I was so impressed by the variety and creativity of each of these partnerships business and charitable causes they selected:

We had round one of our SuperBizCamp Business Plan Competition this afternoon, where each partnership presented before their team and our three judges. Following their 8-minute presentation, each business partnership fielded questions and received feedback to further refine their presentations and continue to teach the finer points. Every judge agreed that every single business that these partnerships presented could easily succeed if they pursued them.

SuperBizCamp Image: business plan competition winners

Following dinner, we returned to our main room and the five semi-finalists were announced. It came down to Cascara, Clique In, Dot 2 Dot, Grenna Blics and Part II. Each team did an exceptional job presenting and their scores were all within a couple points of each other but Grenna Blics won out, taking home the $3,000 seed-money prize.

That evening was our last at SuperBizCamp. It was bittersweet indeed and many tears were shed, as students reflected on the week, their new friendships, their futures together and their impending separation to return home. I still cannot believe the powerful connections this group of teenagers made in just one week. The teens determined to have a reunion in one year and to encourage each other to pursue in their businesses in the meantime.

Graduation was awesome, of course, and more tears were shed by students and parents alike. I expect to see each of these teen entrepreneurs on the cover of Forbes someday. I am looking forward to next year when I can see what they’ve accomplished and hope to get updates in the meantime. Until then, keep your eyes open for these products and help support these young entrepreneurs!