There are numerous summer camps for teens, including academic summer camps, youth leadership programs, and summer enrichment programs that are designed to facilitate your child’s development. One of them, however, stands out — SuperCamp!

Educational Summer Camps That Are Not Just Academic
SuperCamp does what its name says—it’s a summer camp that excels in making great kids greater!
This educational camp builds competence, confidence, and motivation in kids by teaching them how to learn effectively and equipping them with life skills that build their character and their self-esteem.
SuperCamp offers programs for students at all age levels: Junior Forum for middle school students, Senior Forum for high school students, and Quantum U for incoming college level students. In short, SuperCamp prepares your child—no matter what their age level—to excel in the 21st Century.

Leadership and Business Camps
SuperCamp also offers summer camps that specialize in business and in leadership. SuperBizCamp is a business-oriented summer camp that will immerse your child into the world of entrepreneurship. Giving your child the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial potential will help them no matter what their plans are for the future. At SuperCamp’s LeadershipTrack your child will learn and practice valuable leadership skills. This educational camp empowers students to harness their leadership potential, an essential quality that will serve your child well in years to come.

Held on Prestigious College Campuses Nationwide
SuperCamp is a residential summer educational camp held on prestigious college campuses nationwide, giving students the incredible and motivating opportunity to experience “college life.” Living in dorms, eating in the cafeteria, checking out the college bookstore on campuses such as Stanford, Brown, UC Berkeley and others are memorable experiences—and can help students move in a positive direction when they consider their academic future.

Give your child the SuperCamp advantage!
It’s the best investment you can make to prepare your child for life in the 21st century!