#SUCCESS: How Teens Can Create Their Own Brilliant Future is the title of Emma Aaron’s book, written and published in 2016 when she was 15 years old. Emma’s book, in fact, received a wonderful review from Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series: “Young Emma is destined for greatness this lifetime, and she intends to take her fellow teens along with her to their own greatness.”

In her book, Emma shares her very sound positive thoughts—and advice—on life and success for teens. And what she shared with us when she gave her book to our president, Bobbi DePorter, was that although she was planning to be a writer, she thought she had to wait until she was an adult to write her first book, then SuperCamp changed that perception. SuperCamp in fact, was life-changing for Emma in many ways.

When her father suggested she attend SuperCamp, Emma was not enthusiastic. She had never been away from home for ten days, she was quite shy, and reading of the Outdoor Adventure Day made her even more nervous because of her fear of heights.

Eventually her father convinced her to go and very soon after her arrival on the first day, she realized this was going to be an amazing experience. She made friends quickly, she was no longer feeling shy or scared, she was not homesick—and she felt she had a “family” in her team members.

When Outdoor Adventure Day arrived, her fear did return, though it was short-lived. With encouragement from her team members and other campers, Emma remembered things she’d learned since her arrival at SuperCamp. She had learned about the importance of moving out of her comfort zone in order to learn and grow, and one of the 8 Keys of Excellence—This Is It!—made her determined to “make the most of every moment”—including some scary moments! And Emma did it—she overcame her fear of heights. And along with that lesson came the knowledge that she could achieve whatever she set her mind to—including writing a book before she was an adult!

Emma believes that her “life-changing” experience at SuperCamp motivated and empowered her to write this book. It’s gratifying for us to note how many SuperCamp principles show up in her book and her enthusiasm about her SuperCamp experience: “I would like to acknowledge Bobbi DePorter, founder of SuperCamp, for her amazing work with teenagers. I attended SuperCamp and it truly was a transformational experience for me. I didn’t think it was possible to have so much fun while learning? That week at camp really inspired me to conquer my fears, be more open-minded, and live in the moment.” We encourage you to get a copy and read her book!

Emma may return to SuperCamp as a Team Leader—and we look forward to welcoming her!