SuperCamp Image: Parent Workshop

Today was a beautiful end to a beautiful experience at SuperCamp.

Our Parent Workshop was fabulous—very informative and Karen was at her finest. She demonstrated her talent for captivating an audience while imparting crucial knowledge that just flows into you.

SuperCamp Image: Parent Workshop learning 8 Keys of Excellence

She taught our campers’ parents what we experienced this week, some of the things we learned and how to support their campers at home to continue their personal and academic growth. Karen taught our SuperParents SLANT, OTFD, AAMR, the 3 Big Brain Ideas, mind-mapping and other foundational SuperCamp strategies, all while sharing heart-warming experiences from camp and getting them as amped up about camp as their students are.

SuperCamp Image: LMU SuperCamp Junior Forum Graduation

Once our Parent Workshop was complete and our SuperParents were schooled on their ‘Power-Whooshes,’ our SuperCamp graduates filed into the main room and joined in celebrating their accomplishments. As expected, graduation was powerful and inspiring. Tears of joy flowed as campers reunited with their families, and tears of sorrow flowed as campers said goodbye to their new friends. I too found myself tearing up, so proud and happy for these families and also wishing I could take all of my new SuperCamp friends with me.

SuperCamp Image: LMU Facilitators Karen and Lucy

These Facilitators are not only extraordinary teachers, but they are exceptional people. They walk the walk and talk the talk in everything they do. Their goodness and positive energy is contagious and makes you feel great just to be around them. I am honored to call these amazing people my new friends.

SuperCamp Image: LMU Supercamp Junior Forum Graduation

Leaving SuperCamp was bittersweet indeed. Yes, I was excited to see my family.  Yes, I was looking forward to ending the science experiment that was my hair, which began by choosing precious minutes of sleep over glamour.  And yes, I was looking forward to getting off my feet and back to my desk job – these little piggies went ‘weeeee’ all the way home!

SuperCamp Image: LMU Supercamp Junior Forum Graduation

But I was also sorry to say goodbye to my new friends and the most adorable 113 middle-schoolers ever. I was worried that I will lose the momentum I’ve gained in the past few days; that I will get distracted by my everyday life and revert to the status quo, forgetting my goals and new learning strategies. I was sad and nervous to leave this incredibly positive, supportive SuperCamp embrace and return to the ‘real world.’

SuperCamp Image: LMU Supercamp Junior Forum Graduation

I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to return to work at QLN where I can have a tiny dose of SuperCamp each day. I really wish every student and every teacher in every school could have the same SuperCamp experiences and education in their schools each day. I now understand the mission of our Quantum Learning Education division of QLN, which is striving to do just that. I hope I get the opportunity to support them in creating a Quantum Learning movement. If you would like to help with that cause too, please call us at 800-285-3276 extension 111, or visit to learn how.

I am counting down the days to when I get to return to SuperCamp next year!
339 days to go!!!

SuperCamp Image: LMU SuperCamp Facilitators

Thank you to the Facilitators who changed my life this week:
Karen, thank you for your wisdom and excellence in everything you do.
Brett, thank you for your passion and talent in everything you do.
Lucy, thank you for your joy and energy in everything you do.
Silvia, thank you for your compassion and positivity in everything you do.
Many Thanks to QLN for allowing me this opportunity to learn and grow.
With love and great admiration, Marinda