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Celebrating Independence Day SuperCamp-style!

Campers celebrate Independence Day SuperCamp-style while gaining essential interpersonal skills

SuperCamp campers celebrated Independence Day in true SuperCamp style, with afternoon activities on the lawn including three-legged races, wheel-barrow races and more.

Throughout these summer enrichment programs, students engage in a variety of personal development activities, in addition to learning accelerated learning strategies. These personal enrichment activities for teens include many individual and team-building scenarios where teens build confidence, leadership and communication skills in a fun, natural way.

The 8 Keys of Excellence is the character-building foundation on which SuperCamp is based. It’s truly what sets SuperCamp, and our graduates, apart.

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The 8 Keys of Excellence are:
1. INTEGRITY – Match behavior with values
Demonstrate your positive personal values in all you do and say. Be sincere and real.
2. FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS – Learn from mistakes
View failures as feedback that provides you with the information you need to learn, grow, and succeed.
3. SPEAK WITH GOOD PURPOSE – Speak honestly and kindly
Think before you speak. Make sure your intention is positive and your words are sincere.
4. THIS IS IT! – Make the most of every moment
Focus your attention on the present moment. Keep a positive attitude.
5. COMMITMENT – Make your dreams happen
Take positive action. Follow your vision without wavering.
6. OWNERSHIP – Take responsibility for actions
Be responsible for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. “Own” the choices you make and the results that follow.
7. FLEXIBILITY – Be willing to do things differently
Recognize what’s not working and be willing to change what you’re doing to achieve your goal.
8. BALANCE – Live your best life
Be mindful of self and others while focusing on what’s meaningful and important in your life. Inner happiness and fulfillment come when your mind, body, and emotions are nurtured by the choices you make.

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Students apply these 8 Keys of Excellence throughout SuperCamp and learn to truly live these character principles. This repetition and positive reinforcement makes learning and implementing these core values natural and long-lasting.

SuperCamp’s 2013 season is off to a great start! SuperCamp sessions are getting under way throughout the U.S. and many sessions still have seats available.

For more information or register your student, call 1 (800) 285-3276 or visit to choose the best SuperCamp dates and locations for your student.