Parents want only what is best for their kids. That is a fact that no one can deny. To make sure that our children become successful individuals when they grow up, we need to teach them the virtues of a successful person. You can always try to teach your kids the makings of a successful person, but if you want them to truly live out the life of success, you will need them to undergo a special training camp: the SuperCamp, so they could be imbibed with the Eight Keys of Excellence.

SuperCamp is probably the best summer camp that you can send your child in. Like most summer camps, it teaches your kids the value of education, and will even introduce them to different learning strategies. Held in different prestigious colleges and universities across the country, kids will be able to breathe in the spirit of success and academic excellence from the moment they step in the program. There are different programs available, depending on the level of your child, be it in middle school, high school, or even college. In all programs, your kids will be introduced with the secrets of excellence and success: the Eight Keys of Excellence.

The 8 Keys of Excellence
The 8 Keys of Excellence is a character program aimed to unlock your child’s potential in becoming the best that he could be. It is the foundation where the entire SuperCamp is built upon, and kids will be immersed with its principles as they will encounter it in the entire duration of the camp. The key principles of the Eight Keys of Excellence are all posted on walls, modeled by the instructors and facilitators, and integrated in all of the activities as well. All students will live according to these rules while they stay in SuperCamp, and once the camp ends, they will certainly carry the principles of the Eight Keys of Excellence for the rest of their lives.

The Eight Keys of Excellence is the result of a study conducted on several successful people who maintained personal excellence. The study found several traits and principles that the successful people share. The results were compiled and the most common traits found were eventually formed to become the Eight Keys of Excellence. These eight are:

1. Integrity: The first step for being an excellent individual is to become true and sincere to others. By demonstrating positive personal values, you will be able to establish your integrity to others.

2. Failure Leads to Success: Learn how to see failure as a guide on how to learn, grow, and succeed. This allows for a more positive insight on failure, which will in turn fuels your drive to improve.

3. Speak with Good Purpose: Thinking before speaking. This will teach kids the weight of their own words, so they will speak responsibly to others.

4. This is it!: This teaches kids to focus their attention on the present moment, which allows them to make the most out of the moment.

5. Commitment: This teaches kids to make things happen, so they will finally act to make their dreams come true.

6. Ownership: Kids will learn to take responsibility for their feelings, thoughts, and actions. This allows them to learn how to own their choices and the results that follow it.

7. Flexibility: With this trait, kids will learn to recognize how to adapt, if their plans did not work. Students will also learn how important change is in reaching their goals.

8. Balance: By learning how to balance, students will also learn how to live life by balancing priorities.