SuperCamp’s learning skills are applicable to every subject and every level of learning, and to virtual learning as well as classroom learning.

This has not been an easy school year for students. With no warning whatsoever—and therefore no preparation—virtual learning became the new normal for students and their parents. No one was ready for virtual learning, not teachers, not students, and not their parents.

We recently came across an article in the Wall Street Journal declaring “The Results are in for Remote Learning: It Didn’t Work”! Then another article in the New York Times was brought to our attention by a parent: “What Students are Saying About Remote Learning.” It’s a sad and challenging situation.

While we have produced physical camps and trainings for decades, this spring we looked at how to create the same engagement, connection, and joy in learning online. It’s what students are missing and crave. With this is mind, we designed virtual programs based on our signature Quantum Learning System and the results are in—they work!

Have a look at some student reactions . . .

“What Students are Saying About Remote Learning”
(extract from New York Times, 4/9/2020)

  • Peer-to-peer interaction is a really pivotal part of education . . . with Zoom we can see one another and our teacher, but everyone is always muted.
  • I’ve noticed that staying on task gets harder as the week goes on. Away from school and classmates and teachers, it’s hard for me to focus.
  • The lack of social interaction is a huge factor in me not enjoying online schooling.
  • I have a significant lack of motivation and I miss the thought-provoking discussions I used to have with my classmates.
  • Every day my motivation to do my work decreases and recently all my assignments have been turned in late causing my grades to drop.
  • Overall, online school makes time management extremely difficult and I feel like I’m not even learning in some of my classes.

What Students are saying about SuperCamp Virtual Programs
(feedback from QL Mentors virtual program participants)

  • I experienced some of the same close connections with other participants and learned really useful skills like I did when attending SuperCamp last year. Really motivating!
  • I’m going into my first year of college next year and after this program I feel like I have what I need to be successful.
  • The academic and life skills we learned in the QL Mentors program were really useful . . . made me feel more confident about my learning progress.
  • It was great finding ways to help our uncomfortable zones become more comfortable.
  • I really loved it, and I was inspired to set my own learning goals. I feel more in control of my learning now.
  • My daughter loved the webinar yesterday . . . already learned how to focus to get more done . . . made me promise to sign her up for SuperCampU! She told us, It was so fun I didn’t want it to end.

“The Results are in for Remote Learning: It didn’t Work” (extract from Wall Street Journal, 6/5/2020)

  • With the school year now winding down, the grade from students, teachers, parents and administrators is already in: It was a failure.
  • Preliminary research suggests students nationwide will return to school in the fall with roughly 70% of learning gains in reading relative to a typical school year, and less than 50% in math.
  • Many districts plan to offer remote summer school to help combat “Covid slide.” There are concerns that the same remote learning that wasn’t effective in the spring won’t have changed much for summer.

In addition to students connecting with content, peers, and facilitators at deep levels and looking forward to online sessions, we know that there is high need for students to gain effective learning-to-learn skills for both online and in-person learning. With learning loss a real challenge, keeping students engaged and motivated is paramount at this crucial time.

The virtual programs we developed have been hugely successful—they provided students with new skills and more positive perspectives to build their confidence and help them adapt to virtual learning. Participants have not only gained confidence, increased their motivation, and learned how to focus their attention to stay on task (even with the distractions and reduced discipline of home learning), they made real peer-to-peer connections with other participants.

And now as students and their parents consider what form school may take in the fall—and there are many options being considered out there—many are wondering how students are going to cope. If it’s more virtual, there’s a feeling of dread for most. If it’s back to school “as usual,” there are concerns about learning loss (Covid-19 as well as the usual summer learning loss). And if it’s a blend of virtual and in-person learning, there’s a combination of these anxieties.

To address these real concerns of parents, students, and educators—as well as requests from students who have done our two-week programs—we are now offering a four-week virtual program. SuperCampU (July 6 to 31 and July 20 to August 14) is an engaging and interactive program for students ages 9 to 18 (in groups by age: 9–13 and 14–18). Each week Monday to Friday for one hour students learn SuperCamp’s core content that has resulted in improved grades, confidence, and motivation over the last 39 years! The program consists of four one-week courses: Self-driven Motivation and Leadership Now, Quantum Reading, Quantum Writing, and Quantum Strategies. During all our virtual programs, participants interact with peers in live energetic learning experiences guided by a SuperCamp trained facilitator—and have fun while they learn!

In addition, we have recently partnered with GeniusU and can now offer participation in their Young Entrepreneur Academy at no additional cost. This partnership gives students the unique opportunity of including powerful entrepreneurial experiences with SuperCamp’s proven curriculum. From being a YouTuber to building an app or having an online store, participants in this program can learn how to launch their own fully functioning digital business.

Students really need an extra boost now to reduce the possible effects of learning loss from their virtual school challenges and prepare them for their return to school in the fall no matter what form that may take. SuperCampU has been created to meet those needs. Participants will experience joyful learning and real connections with other participants and with our super SuperCamp facilitators!