SuperCamp facilitates powerful learning through its Quantum Learning teaching methods that are proven to positively transform teen attitudes, confidence, and motivation.

And what is SuperCamp’s secret ingredient? Mini-success moments!

At SuperCamp we create a safe and encouraging environment aligned with what we know from brain research. We build curiosity and a sense of belonging, we get inside our students’ world so they know we care, and we use strategies that reach every learner. When we artfully orchestrate these elements while imparting powerful learning skills, students reach higher levels of competence, their confidence increases, and they experience what researchers refer to as mini-success moments. They feel inspired and empowered.

So, if we had to identify one “secret ingredient” of SuperCamp, it would be those mini-success moments students experience as they learn and embrace one skill after another. Whether academic skills or life skills, these moments result in shifts that build confidence and increase students’ motivation to excel. Experiencing these success moments over and over and over again, students build up their belief in their ability to achieve, and ultimately increase their self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. And they excel!

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