SuperCamp, the superior summer educational experience that builds social skills, inspires some students to take it further—and teach. Many who have attended have been transformed, noticing a sudden shift in confidence. The influence is so great, that some leave camp wanting to become team leaders. This exact scenario happened to Matthew Postlewaite.

WHEN WHAT YOU LEARN MOTIVATES YOU TO TEACHAfter experiencing difficulty academically and socially in eighth grade, Matt enrolled in SuperCamp’s Senior Forum. From there he went on to Leadership Forum and then Quantum U the following year. Being extremely grateful that the mentor team was able to help him break through his insecurity, he suddenly realized that he wanted to return the favor and become a team leader. No longer nervous, he now speaks with authority, is approachable, and goes out of his way to connect with campers. The exact same way one special team leader connected with him, just four years ago.