Cabbage Growing in a Raised Garden Bed
I always get the gardening bug in February. It hits like clockwork every year. We enjoy a week or two of spring-like weather here in Southern California, and I find myself irresistibly drawn to the local nursery.

This year went down like every other—at the nursery, I piled a wheelbarrow full of bulbs, mint, bell peppers, bok choy, and lettuce into my car. Once home, I carefully transplanted each seedling into our raised bed, watered the soil, and waited for the magic to happen.

Prep Classes Aren’t Enough, Even for Students Who Know Their Stuff

If you’re familiar with gardening, you know that even the strongest specimens won’t take root if the soil doesn’t have the right mix of nutrients. What starts out healthy will either wither or fail to thrive. The promised harvest won’t arrive without adequate support.

The same is true when it comes to SAT and ACT prep classes. You can purchase the very best package, but if the “soil” of your child’s mind isn’t properly cultivated, the information isn’t going to take root. Day-to-day concerns will crowd out vocabulary definitions and math formulas. Worse still, your child may panic in a critical moment and forget well-learned material.

SuperCamp—Like Fertilizer for Your Child’s SAT and ACT Study Plan

At SuperCamp, our SAT and ACT preview session gives students an idea of what to expect from the two tests, including the new SAT. But the entire SuperCamp experience is actually invaluable preparation for the standardized exams. Over the 10-day program, students develop critical skills such as time management and how to read faster and with greater comprehension. They also learn how to easily recall information and manage test-taking anxiety.

As a result, when SuperCamp grads take an SAT and ACT prep class, the information actually takes permanent root in their brains. And when they find themselves taking the real test, they have the benefit of not only the standard prep material, but also of all the knowledge and mental tools that they developed at SuperCamp.

The SAT and ACT Will Be Here Soon—Is Your Child Ready?

Now we’re well into March, and my garden is more robust than ever. I’m starting to harvest the herbs—which are threatening to overgrow the box—and the bell peppers are in full bloom. Fertilizing the soil early and often made all the difference.

March also means your junior in high school only has six months left to prepare for the SAT or ACT. If you have a freshman or a sophomore, it’s equally important that they are exposed to an experience like SuperCamp; everything they learn over the next year or two will determine their success on the exams.  What are you doing between now and this fall to cultivate your child’s mind?

It doesn’t make sense to invest in expensive SAT or ACT prep classes if the material doesn’t stick. Give your child the rich mental soil he or she needs with SuperCamp.  You can find out more by downloading a free copy of our special report, Why Most Students Aren’t Prepared for College, or by calling us at 800.228.5327.