Chicago parent, Ruth Muyskens, sends son to SuperCamp to gain the academic, social and life skills training that is not emphasized in traditional schools.

Chicago resident Matthew Postlewaite finished middle school as an average student. He was a B-student with no discipline problems and a few extracurriculars. But, like many teens, he was lacking in focus, organization and time management skills. Unfortunately, over-burdened public schools must focus their limited resources on the core subjects and cannot provide the life skills that ‘average’ students like Matthew need to excel.

That’s why Matthew’s mother, Ruth Muyskens, took matters into her own hands to give him the tools he would need to succeed in high school. She researched the best academic and life skills programs available in the United States and found SuperCamp, a summer camp that teaches students a full spectrum of powerful academic and interpersonal development skills in 6 t0 10-day summer camps.

Muyskens was pleased that SuperCamp provided a complete personal enrichment program to augment her son’s traditional public school education. She enrolled Matthew in SuperCamp Senior Forum at the University of Washington in 2009, prior to his freshman year in high school.

Matthew made such dramatic improvements that he and his mother were happy for him to return each summer to learn additional non-cognitive skills and build upon his school subjects. “Matthew does very well in school now,” his mother happily reports. “He hopes to become a SuperCamp counselor one day!”

Muyskens is especially excited that SuperCamp is now available at Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus so other parents can give their children this opportunity close to home.

About SuperCamp:
SuperCamp is the world’s leading academic and life skills summer camp. For more than 35 years, SuperCamp has helped students increase their grades, confidence and motivation. During these intensive summer camps, students acquire the academic and life skills necessary to compete in the 21st century. SuperCamp has made a difference in the lives of over 75,000 graduates worldwide. For more information, please visit or call 800.228.5327.