SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 6

Integrity is priceless. That’s what we learned in SuperCamp this morning. We learned the Integrity Key of Excellence and that integrity means your values and action match. We did a cool activity to remember this, which was to trace our hands, then write a big ‘V’ for Value on the left palm and a big […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 5

Today, SuperCamp began with our Apollo Mission, which was to fashion the best aircraft you could with the allotted supplies, and then try to hit a target to earn points as a team. We had fun while learning about the Flexibility Key, teamwork, and a little bit about the Failure Leads to Success Key as […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 4

SuperCamp Day 4 was all about Outdoor Adventure Day!!! While SuperCamp Outdoor Adventure Day looks like just a bunch of kids having a blast, which it totally IS, it’s more about the goal setting and overcoming our fears, learning to work as a team, building trust and rapport with new people and exercising our leadership […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 2

This morning we learned the “This Is It” key of Excellence. It was an inspiring way to start the day and help us all make the most of this incredible SuperCamp experience. I was impressed with some of the goals these young students have. THIS IS IT! – Make the most of every moment. Focus […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 1

Like most of the campers yesterday, I arrived to SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum wide-eyed and a bit bewildered. I didn’t know what to pack, where to go or what to do. I was tired when I got here and dreaded being away from home for the whole week. It was my first sleep-away educational summer camp! […]

Proactive Parents Augmenting Education with SuperCamp

Chicago parent, Ruth Muyskens, sends son to SuperCamp to gain the academic, social and life skills training that is not emphasized in traditional schools. Chicago resident Matthew Postlewaite finished middle school as an average student. He was a B-student with no discipline problems and a few extracurriculars. But, like many teens, he was lacking in […]