Learning Skills

Beyond IQ: Why Einsteins Are So Last Year

For most of the 20th century, two letters—IQ—have been used to define human intelligence. But lately, especially in academic and behavioral theory circles, people are rethinking whether intelligence quotient is actually so important. Instead, they’re increasingly replacing the “I” with an “E”—for emotional intelligence. It’s still good to be smart, but EQ is the new […]

How Motivational Camp Can Reveal the Power of Failure

Revolutionaries have always had a different take on failure than the rest of us. Thomas Edison, the man who brought us light bulbs and telephones, found a silver lining in failure, saying, “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” One of the 20th century’s most inspirational […]

Absorb Twice As Much . . . in Half the Time

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of material you must read and retain in school? Try following these ten hot tips and you’ll be operating at peak performance. They’re all skills you learned at SuperCamp and should be familiar to you. Commit to using them every day! Pay attention to physiology Slump down in your […]

10 Tips for Academic Success – SuperCamp Refresher

No matter how long ago you learned them or where we are in the school year, it’s never too late to remember those study skills you learned at SuperCamp. Have a look at our ten tips list. You may be surprised at a couple you’ve forgotten to use—and they might just come in handy now. […]

Make Your Learning Meaningful — and Memorable!

What is school all about? It’s important to ask ourselves this question. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind we forget that the real purpose of school is to learn. Each class may seem like another in a series of busywork and tests, and once completed we quickly forget the information and […]

The distinction between memory and recall.

When people say they don’t have a very good memory, they’re actually talking about recall. They have difficulty recalling events or information from the past. There are several factors that affect recall. Dan Mikels believes that many people lose their ability to remember as they grow older because they stop “landmarking.” Landmarks, say Mikels, are […]

Quantum Reading: Tips for Becoming a Better Reader

  As we all know, reading is a valuable skill that your child will use throughout life. In middle school and high school, students are expected to complete reading assignments both in and outside of school. College-bound students should prepare themselves for two hours of studying for every one hour of class time. It is […]