SuperCamp  Image: Communication Skills

Like most of the campers yesterday, I arrived to SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum wide-eyed and a bit bewildered. I didn’t know what to pack, where to go or what to do. I was tired when I got here and dreaded being away from home for the whole week. It was my first sleep-away educational summer camp!

Yesterday afternoon I started catching the SuperCamp fever and felt reinvigorated by all the energy, funny campers, and truly amazing Facilitators. I felt way more comfortable just knowing they were in charge and had everything handled.

SuperCamp  Image: College Prep

I knew if I could just go with the flow I would be in good hands.  A hearty dinner didn’t hurt either!

SuperCamp  Image: College Campus

The LMU campus is B-E-A-utiful. Walking through campus was inspiring in and of itself. It lends an old-world feel with its breath-taking Sacred Heart Chapel, Sunken Gardens and Jesuit Community, yet it boasts state-of-the-art classrooms, restaurant-quality dining and inspiring views and architecture. The lawns are manicured, the dorms roomy and clean and the campus quiet and safe-feeling.

SuperCamp  Image: College Prep

There are campers from all walks of life here and it is really nice to see them all getting along, being friendly and inclusive, learning and growing from each other. Before I came to SuperCamp, I was told that the best description for it is “organized chaos” and now I totally get it. We started right out learning a memory strategy without even realizing it! We were listening to a very entertaining story told to some of our favorite songs and before I knew it, I’d learned the first eight U.S. presidents in order! Say what?! SO COOL! This is awesome college prep!

SuperCamp  Image: Students

Yesterday afternoon I was eagerly anticipating lights out but, by the time it arrived, I was wide-awake and looking forward to the morning. The Facilitators were so high-energy all day long, I couldn’t believe they could keep going at this pace all week but now I’m seeing how the energy builds upon itself and am feeling all sorts of excited to keep going.

SuperCamp is an incredible summer academic enrichment program.