SuperCamp Day 4 was all about Outdoor Adventure Day!!! While SuperCamp Outdoor Adventure Day looks like just a bunch of kids having a blast, which it totally IS, it’s more about the goal setting and overcoming our fears, learning to work as a team, building trust and rapport with new people and exercising our leadership skills. It is for sure a fun day, but it is really all about personal development.

Time flew by and the students had tons of fun facing their fears, getting outside their comfort zones and challenging themselves. They practiced working together to navigate the challenges including lava pits, giant skiis, levitating hula hoops and ‘electric’ wires.

After dinner, students had an opportunity to reflect on their experiences during Outdoor Adventure Day. This particular part of the activity was an opportunity to share with the whole group about people who had inspired them out on the course. It was a sweet, powerful moment of acknowledgement for those who dug deep to put their best effort into the day, and another opportunity to demonstrate the power of Speaking with Good Purpose.

SuperCamp Image: Campers sharing their experience during Outdoor Adventure Day
SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum: Campers sharing their experience during Outdoor Adventure Day.

I continue each day in awe of the Facilitators and Team Leaders who give their complete devotion to teaching and caring for these children. They give 100% to every moment and demonstrate the “This Is It” key in word and deed. I would say they give 110% to quote my favorite former apprentice Lou Ferrigno, but we’re all about being smart at SuperCamp and we know that 110% isn’t a real number and I’m 100% real about our AMAZING staff here!

I never realized just how devoted our Facilitators and Team Leaders are until today, when I realized that they have all been away from their families and homes for going on 4 weeks now and one Facilitator couldn’t remember the last time she’d talked with her children back home. These are the same people handing their cell phones over to homesick kids and waking up in the middle of the night if someone gets sick or scared or lonely or annoyed with their roommate or any number of things. These Facilitators treat their campers exactly how I would want my child treated, or better, and I couldn’t be more impressed.

SuperCamp Image: Another beautiful day winds down at LMU Junior Forum
Another beautiful day winds down at Junior Forum.