SuperCamp Image: Integrity Hands

Integrity is priceless. That’s what we learned in SuperCamp this morning. We learned the Integrity Key of Excellence and that integrity means your values and action match.

SuperCamp Image: Integrity Hands

We did a cool activity to remember this, which was to trace our hands, then write a big ‘V’ for Value on the left palm and a big ‘A’ for Actions on the right palm.

Then we wrote a value on each finger of the left hand and the corresponding action steps required to demonstrate that value. Then you flip them face to face and see how they match up.

SuperCamp Image: Integrity Hands

INTEGRITY Match behavior with values
Demonstrate your positive personal values in all you do and say. Be sincere and real.

SuperCamp Image: Integrity Hands

This Integrity Key Talk led perfectly into our ‘Do It Goals’ session. During our Do It Goals session, we learned about John Goddard and his amazing accomplishments. Then we set our own and learned the DO IT approach to accomplishing our goal.

SuperCamp Image: Do It Goals

‘DO IT Goals’ stands for:

Design — Make sure your goals are specific, achievable and measurable.

Outline — Timeline of what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it and what you need to do it.

In Your Face — What is in your way? What are those barriers you’ll have to break through to achieve your goal?

Take Action — What do you need to do to start taking action right now to start working toward your goal? How are you going to take action?

Next we broke out into our main academics session. I went to Quantum Reading today, which I’ve really been looking forward to.

We started by singing our ‘attitude’ song, ‘Don’t stop reading…’ to the ‘Don’t stop believing’ song melody so we can get excited about reading.

Then we commenced with the SuperCamp Quantum Reading Process:

SuperCamp Image: Quantum Reading Steps

1. Prepare – Get situated correctly (SLANT) and create a positive learning environment.

*** HOT TIP: Baroque music helps put your brain in Alpha State. Good Baroque Composers: Handel, Bach, Vivaldi.

2. State – Get into Alpha State: Sit up, take a deep breath, close eyes while exhaling. Picture your peaceful place, roll your eyes up, roll your eyes down. Open your eyes and go to work with a focused mind.

3. Superscan – Spend 2-3 seconds per page to skim content, tracing your finger in a slalom or straight down pattern.

4. Read – Return to the beginning and read the content, making sure to use a visual cue (like tracing with your finger or pen) to keep your eyes from skipping around. Our brain is able to take in whole sentences at a time, not just one word at a time, so let your eyes flow quickly over them and your brain will register it all.

*** HOT TIP: Using a visual guide (like your finger along the page) can double your reading speed.***

5. Review – Within 5 minutes, review what you read by mind-mapping, writing out notes or telling yourself (aloud or in your head) or someone else what you’ve read.

SuperCamp Image: Quantum Reading

After learning the process, we completed a pre-test to measure our reading speed and comprehension. I got 100% comprehension and 232 words per minute.

Then we practiced these methods during three 30-second reads:

I am a little confused and not sure I’m doing this quite right… I stayed after class with one other student to ask for some clarification. I think we both got the idea. We shall see after lunch…


After lunch we reviewed the Quantum Reading Process again and got to ask more questions if we had them. Then we went right into more practicing in 1-minute chunks. At the end, we took a post-test. I increased by words per minute to 400 and retained 100% comprehension. Seriously, amazing. Can’t wait to practice more! This will make short work of my inbox!

We’re going for our review sessions where the teams will act out skits for key principles they’ve learned this week, then back to the dorms to pack after this. Such a bummer. 🙁


My funny for SuperCamp today: A camper just told me she plans to use OTFD to ask for a new Apple laptop! I LOVE IT!