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SuperCamp’s Junior Forum: Leading Middle School Children to a Better Tomorrow

Summer Camps are synonymous with fun and learning. SuperCamp is one of those camps that will teach your kids to have fun while learning! Moreover, we will also teach your kids valuable life lessons that goes beyond the confines of the classroom, making them competent individuals that ready to tackle life’s challenges head on. It is always good to start your kids early, that is why we offer summer camp programs that could help build better academic and social foundation as early as in their middle school level. The Junior Forum is one of the best summer camp programs that you could give to your child. It is an academic summer program that aims to improve your child’s social, emotional, and academic, capacity.

The Junior Forum
The Junior Forum is a seven-day summer camp program specifically made for middle school students. This summer camp program will prepare them ahead for high school and their eventual quest for college and future careers. Held at the most prestigious universities, Junior Forum helps to inspire thousands of young minds to achieve excellence in various fields of life. This program will help your child realize their own learning styles and potentials, allowing for easier educational and personal growth, which they will need in their late teenage years. The Junior Forum focuses on the following skill areas:

  • Time Management
    Even at their preteen stage, children are bombarded with school work, extra-curricular activities, and social interactions with friends. Often times, they find it hard to manage all of these, because they are overwhelmed by the demands of their middle school life. SuperCamp will teach your kids how to own their time, and not let time own them. With our help, we will empower your kids with proper time management strategies that will allow them to be more productive, making their middle school life a stress-free experience.
  • Quantum Strategies
    SuperCamp will teach your middle schoolers the secrets of Quantum Learning strategies. Quantum Learning strategy was developed by SuperCamp’s founder Bobbi DePorter, with a help from the renowned Bulgarian educator Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the father of accelerated learning. These learning strategies allow your kids to create an optimal study environment for themselves. It involves teaching powerful techniques about memorization, note-taking, and mind-mapping. With our Quantum Learning strategy techniques, your children will learn efficient study habits that they can use throughout their school life and beyond.
  • Communication Skills
    Communication is one of the most important skills that a person could learn today. It is the backbone of any career field that your child will wish to take later in life. With proper communication skills training, your kids will be able to confidently express themselves to other people. SuperCamp will teach your kids the proper techniques and strategies that will allow them to communicate and interact well with their teachers, friends, and parents.
  • Leadership Skills
    SuperCamp will also give your kids proper foundation for leadership skills. This helps them to acquire proper leadership training that will aid them in organizing any group projects, club, or events, they have in school. The Junior Forum’s leadership training uses the techniques from our 8 Keys of Excellence. Its principles will be imbibed on their personalities, allowing them to grow as future leaders of society

With this kind of training, your kids will certainly become model students in no time. Remember that we will not only teach your children strategies and techniques in studying, but we will also teach them how to love learning! Do not waste this opportunity, it’s time to tap your child’s hidden potential! Enroll your middle schooler now at SuperCamp’s Junior Forum, and we will help them to become the very best that they can be!

Go to www.SuperCamp.com or call 1-800-285-3276 NOW to speak with an enrollment counselor and learn how to help your child increase their grades, confidence and motivation.

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