Your GPA Sends a Message — Academic Summer Camps Can Help

SuperCamp teaches 8 Keys of Excellence as foundational principles during academic summer camps By Doug Schlesser One of my favorite parts of SuperCamp is our discussion that leads up to the Ownership key talk. The Campers come into our Main Room to a message displayed on a flip chart that says, “Whatever you are doing, […]

SuperCamp’s Junior Forum: Leading Middle School Children to a Better Tomorrow

Summer Camps are synonymous with fun and learning. SuperCamp is one of those camps that will teach your kids to have fun while learning! Moreover, we will also teach your kids valuable life lessons that goes beyond the confines of the classroom, making them competent individuals that ready to tackle life’s challenges head on. It […]

SuperCamp Methods in Action

Sneak Preview of SuperCamp Methods Allow Students to Give Real-time Feedback We enjoyed a 2-hour demonstration of SuperCamp in action today as this year’s Facilitators practiced teaching in front of local middle and high school students to give real-time feedback. Sam, a local high school student, was the most out-going kid in the room, shouting out answers, […]