Sneak Preview of SuperCamp Methods Allow Students to Give Real-time Feedback

In this image, a SuperCamp Facilitator in Training welcomes students to SuperCamp.
Sedrick Keyes, Facilitator in Training, welcomes students to SuperCamp.

We enjoyed a 2-hour demonstration of SuperCamp in action today as this year’s Facilitators practiced teaching in front of local middle and high school students to give real-time feedback.

Sam, a local high school student, was the most out-going kid in the room, shouting out answers, jumping out of his chair and over the table to volunteer to pass out materials, leading the team share and bringing an energy to learning that most teachers usually only dream of.

It wasn’t until the end of the session, when his high school teacher made the comment that this was the most he’d heard Sam say all year, that we understood the profound impact these SuperCamp strategies had in changing Sam’s life.

In this image, two SuperCamp Facilitators hone their skills for the 2013 summer camp season.
Allison Logue and Katie Fierro, SuperCamp Facilitators, hone their skills for the 2013 summer camp season.

His progress in just two hours is a testament to the SuperCamp Facilitators and Quantum Learning methods. Sam demonstrated in just two hours what an astounding difference this 10-day academic summer camp can create in a child’s life and how impactful positive energy is in supporting learning.

We eagerly anticipate the coming summer months when SuperCamps will commence at universities throughout the U.S. and we will enjoy similar experiences with hundreds of teens just like Sam. We are excited to share these life-changing methods to help your child reach their potential.

In this image, a SuperCamp Facilitator teaches Quantum Learning methods.
Dana Comiskey, SuperCamp Lead Facilitator, teaches Quantum Learning methods.

If your child could benefit from increased grades, motivation, communication and study skills, please visit or call (800) 285-3276 to speak with one of our dedicated Enrollment Counselors who will help find the best SuperCamp for your child.