Where are they now? “New perspectives and knowledge”

SuperCamp Success Story #3: Austin When Austin came to SuperCamp he felt he was doing fine in school. He had friends and an active social life. He had goals and wanted to be on his high school’s varsity golf team. If anyone asked him what he would change about his life, he would have responded […]

Where are they now? “Building confidence to be oneself”

SuperCamp Success Story #2: Duncan Duncan grew up according to the traditions and culture of his Chinese family. They were the same values taught at his conventional Chinese school in Hong Kong and everywhere else. Those values taught that the best way for a person to exist in a culture is conformity. Don’t stick out […]

Where are they now? “Getting back on track”

SuperCamp Success Story #1: Charles Charles’s mother, Regina, never expected to raise him completely alone. She had been divorced for a while, but her ex-husband still played a strong role in Charles’s life. There were struggles, but life was solid. That was before the three military men showed up at her door. They told her […]

Is your teen prepared?

There are many demands on our teens and we have high expectations for them. If you’re like me, you often wake up in the morning and ask yourself Have I done enough? Where did the time go? There are only a few short years before they’re going off to college, starting a career and beginning […]

The distinction between memory and recall.

When people say they don’t have a very good memory, they’re actually talking about recall. They have difficulty recalling events or information from the past. There are several factors that affect recall. Dan Mikels believes that many people lose their ability to remember as they grow older because they stop “landmarking.” Landmarks, say Mikels, are […]

Balance: live your best life.

Be mindful of self and others while focusing on what’s meaningful and important in your life. Inner happiness and fulfillment come when your mind, body, and emotions are nurtured by the choices you make.    Balance enables you to live your best life. Making choices that nurture your mind, body and emotions brings a feeling […]

Start off a learner and end up a leader.

Have you ever experienced that aha moment? An epiphany, if you will. Enter Kaela Palmer. She was so moved, so impacted, and so transformed at SuperCamp, that the experience drove her to the head of the class. The following summer she would become a team leader. An arrow against your throat is obviously something one […]

Making the leap from camper to counselor.

Heard of SuperCamp? In a nutshell, it’s a summer educational experience that teaches teens valuable life skills. Participants are transformed with a noticeable shift in their strength of character and a hunger for academic excellence. Some are so inspired that they leap from camp learner to team leader. One such student was Jake Smith. This […]

When what you learn motivates you to teach.

SuperCamp, the superior summer educational experience that builds social skills, inspires some students to take it further—and teach. Many who have attended have been transformed, noticing a sudden shift in confidence. The influence is so great, that some leave camp wanting to become team leaders. This exact scenario happened to Matthew Postlewaite. After experiencing difficulty […]

Lucy learned firsthand and leaped forward.

SuperCamp can be life changing—just ask Lucy Dugan. At the time she attended she was a graduate of middle school and her parents had given her a present—a trip to SuperCamp. They heard it could boost her confidence, increase her grades, and inspire her motivation. But what Lucy really gained would change her forever.   […]