Absorb Twice As Much . . . in Half the Time

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of material you must read and retain in school? Try following these ten hot tips and you’ll be operating at peak performance. They’re all skills you learned at SuperCamp and should be familiar to you. Commit to using them every day! Pay attention to physiology Slump down in your […]

The Right Attitude – An Important Learning Asset

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” —Maya Angelou We ask students at SuperCamp and in our Quantum Learning for Students programs if they’ve ever tried something new and were convinced they wouldn’t be able to do it right? Then we ask them if they’ve ever been […]

10 Tips for Academic Success – SuperCamp Refresher

No matter how long ago you learned them or where we are in the school year, it’s never too late to remember those study skills you learned at SuperCamp. Have a look at our ten tips list. You may be surprised at a couple you’ve forgotten to use—and they might just come in handy now. […]

Leadership Qualities for Teens

Leadership is an important skill for students in middle and high school to acquire. While they will continue to hone their leadership style through college and their careers, students can benefit from gaining an early understanding of what makes a great leader and what holds someone back from becoming a respected leader. At our SuperCamp […]

Tackling Peer Pressure

As a teen you may already have encountered peer pressure . . . if you’re approaching your teens, it’s something you may face at some stage in the future. Think about this scene: you’re on your way to a concert with a group of friends and someone pulls out a bottle taken from their dad’s […]

6 Hot Tips for Successful Note-Taking

Students often find themselves daydreaming in the middle of an important lesson. Here’s why. The teacher speaks at the rate of 200 to 300 words a minute. The brain can process language at 600 to 800 words a minute. It’s no wonder that during long lessons, the students’ minds start to fill in that lag […]

Make Your Learning Meaningful — and Memorable!

What is school all about? It’s important to ask ourselves this question. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind we forget that the real purpose of school is to learn. Each class may seem like another in a series of busywork and tests, and once completed we quickly forget the information and […]

8 Keys of Excellence – Character Education is a Cornerstone of Positive Youth Development

The best way to connect with kids and diminish the prevalence of bullying and other socially unacceptable behavior is with effective character education in the home and in schools. In his paper entitled “The Relationships Between Character Education and the Prevention of Problem Behaviors: A Position Statement,” the late Dr. Victor Battistich of the University […]


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Expert tips to support good study habits

IS YOUR TEEN “studying” while lying across the bed, tapping on a computer, yakking on the phone or texting, mouthing along with music—with papers sliding everywhere?

Such study “habits” can be improved, according to Bobbi DePorter, president of the Quantum Learning Network and co-founder of SuperCamp (www.SuperCamp.com), which offers seven- to 10-day residential learning and life-skills programs each summer. The Quantum Learning School program (www.QuantumLearning.com) is an offshoot that so far has trained thousands of educators to institute similar learning techniques during the school year.

“School is kids’ work,” DePorter says. “But when adults have work, often they have home offices. These work for kids, too.”

Where are they now? “Memory strategies lead to near perfect score—and more!”

SuperCamp Success Story #4: Grant. Grant took the SAT prior to learning memory strategies (known as mnemonics) at SuperCamp, and then again afterward. At SuperCamp he realized the power of these strategies and later applied them to learning a book of 2,500 vocabulary words. He did this in just two days before retaking the SAT. The […]