Paying it Forward

A Wadsworth Legacy: Samantha Hochmuth

“I felt like I got my life back.”  “When my parents told me about SuperCamp and how my Granduncle Bob was such a huge supporter of it, I wasn’t sure what to think,” said Samantha Hochmuth. “They said he sent his grandchildren and other people in his life because he believed it helped them so […]

A Wadsworth Legacy: Hunter Hochmuth

“It completely changed me for the better.” (and he went to SuperCamp three times)   Hunter Hochmuth was one of the many children the Wadsworth family sent to SuperCamp, including his sister Samantha. Hunter benefitted so much the first time he attended SuperCamp, Senior Forum at Stanford University in 2013, that he attended two more times—Loyola […]

A Wadsworth Legacy: Jake Castellanos

“I changed so much . . . I wanted to go every year” (and he went to SuperCamp four times) Jake Castellanos, Bob and Mary Wadsworth’s grandson, had the misfortune of losing his parents at a young age and was raised by his other (paternal) grandparents. He grew up without many other kids around and […]

A SuperCamp Champion Leaves a Legacy—In Memory of Bob Wadsworth

“It didn’t matter where he was standing. He was always the biggest person in the room, and I don’t mean by size.” “I never knew you could be ‘like a father’ to so many people.” “He was incredibly generous with his time, love, and finding ways to create interesting experiences. He was always there if you […]