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There’s a difference in virtual learning!

SuperCamp’s learning skills are applicable to every subject and every level of learning, and to virtual learning as well as classroom learning. This has not been an easy school year for students. With no warning whatsoever—and therefore no preparation—virtual learning became the new normal for students and their parents. No one was ready for virtual […]

The distinction between memory and recall.

When people say they don’t have a very good memory, they’re actually talking about recall. They have difficulty recalling events or information from the past. There are several factors that affect recall. Dan Mikels believes that many people lose their ability to remember as they grow older because they stop “landmarking.” Landmarks, say Mikels, are […]

Making the leap from camper to counselor.

Heard of SuperCamp? In a nutshell, it’s a summer educational experience that teaches teens valuable life skills. Participants are transformed with a noticeable shift in their strength of character and a hunger for academic excellence. Some are so inspired that they leap from camp learner to team leader. One such student was Jake Smith. This […]

When what you learn motivates you to teach.

SuperCamp, the superior summer educational experience that builds social skills, inspires some students to take it further—and teach. Many who have attended have been transformed, noticing a sudden shift in confidence. The influence is so great, that some leave camp wanting to become team leaders. This exact scenario happened to Matthew Postlewaite. After experiencing difficulty […]

Ownership Through Communication

by Bobbi DePorter We can take ownership of our lives every day, in many different ways. For example, we can demonstrate that we’re taking ownership simply by the way we communicate. Recently, I was 20 minutes late for an important meeting on the other side of town. When I arrived, I could clearly see the person […]

Quantum Academy: The Secret to Success for College Prep

Quantum Academy’s college prep accelerated learning techniques are helping college students compete in today’s workforce. Limited seats still available for a short time. In this fiercely competitive job market, college students must prepare every way possible to enter the workforce, starting with a successful and timely college degree. College students today must make the most […]

SuperCamp Educational Summer Camps to Commence Soon

SuperCamp’s 6 to 10-day educational summer camps will commence in late June at universities throughout the U.S. Students learn crucial academic and life skills via accelerated learning methods, classroom-style lectures, outdoor activities and team-building exercises. San Diego, CA — SuperCamp’s educational summer camps will commence in late June at universities throughout the United States. These […]