Another benefit of summer enrichment programs

Summer enrichment is traditionally considered to be a great way to expose students to new or more advanced areas of learning during the long summer vacation break. No argument there. But the right kind of summer enrichment program can play another significant role in a student’s academic success and that is in helping prevent summer […]

College Prep Programs for College Success

A College Prep Program Progression Just like students who wait until the last minute to cram for an exam, many parents don’t focus on college prep summer programs until it’s quite late in the game. Most high school college prep programs are geared to high school seniors and juniors. Some ACT and SAT prep courses […]

A SuperCamp Family Success Story

SUPERCAMP IN THEIR BLOOD: FROM CRADLE TO COLLEGE, TRULY A SUPERCAMP FAMILY SUCCESS STORY Patti Brucki connected to SuperCamp as a facilitator early on in her teaching career—and she brought the entire family along with her—her husband, Ken, and their three children! Now, 22 years later, see the results! Patti is an English teacher, librarian, […]

Preparing Students for College and 21st-Century Success

Studies abound with statistics reporting the growing number of students who begin their college careers grossly unprepared for college-level work. The cost to the colleges and the students is significant, as the schools are forced to establish remedial courses and the students are forced to come up with additional tuition to pay for these courses. […]

Building Better Relationships with Children and Students

Parent and Teen

4 Relationship Styles – One Works! Relationships are very tricky—husbands and wives, parents and children, teachers and students, employers and employees, friends, colleagues, etc. It matters not; every type of relationship comes with its challenges. While it seems that relationships can be defined in an endless number of ways, ultimately, every relationship falls into one […]

Targeting Teen Gadget Addiction

teen gadget addiction

There has been a lot in the news recently about gadget and smartphone addiction among teens, pre-teens and even young children. It’s reached the point where two investor groups have urged Apple to play a role in curbing smartphone use. They cite studies on the negative effects on children’s health of smartphones and social media. […]


Bobbi DePorter, SuperCamp co-founder and president, sat down recently with well-known radio and media personality, Joel Roberts, to discuss the challenges today’s teens face and how SuperCamp empowers them to become more independent and more confident self-motivated learners. In the interview, Bobbi explains how SuperCamp is in the “fire in the belly” business, meaning how […]

The importance of acquiring lifelong learning skills

A new study by the global consultancy firm, McKinsey & Company, predicts that over the next 13 years, as many as 70 million workers in the United States will be forced to find another way to make money. Why is that? The answer is found in two words: automation and robots. The impact will be […]

An 8 Keys of Excellence Success Story

The 8 Keys of Excellence always have been an integral and important part of SuperCamp, giving students who attend our summer programs a character foundation to follow throughout their lives. The 8 Keys also are in countless schools and school districts throughout the U.S. The results, in terms of student behavior, have been nothing short […]